The Collector

We open with a view of a small house, smoke coming out of the chimney. Riders come into view, stop at the corral at the side of the house. Inside, a woman is cooking at a stove. We see through the window as one of the riders says to take two of the horses, the bay and a big sorrel. He also says he'll take care of the old woman. She moves away from the stove, picks up a rifle and a pistol, gives the pistol to a young woman, telling her there are six bullets, she should save the last one for herself if need be. Young woman closes the bedroom door, older woman goes outside with the rifle to confront the riders. She aims her rifle at the leader of the riders, who tells her to hand it over. She says he'd best get off her property, he knows she can shoot. She knows the man, he's Guy Royal. He says she can't get them all, she'd best stay alive to protect her young niece. Tells Curly, who has snuck up behind her, to take her gun. Unarmed, but not cowed, Nettie leans on a porch post, and as Royal climbs steps to the porch, she tells him he's got the Olson's land, the Burkhart's and the Tackett's, but he isn't getting hers. He just looks at her, then goes into the house. She follows him inside, where he admires her Hepplewhite chair and says it'd be awful kind of her to make it a gift. Gift her fanny, Nettie says, it's the only thing she has left of her mother's. Royal says then it'd be doubly generous of her to give it to him. As he approaches the bedroom door, Nettie calls to Casey (the young woman) to blow his head off. He pushes the door open and Casey is sitting on the bed, gun held pointed at him in both hands. He tells her to unbend her trigger finger, he's not after her virtue and he grabs the gun, breaks it open and unloads it. He finds a small music box on her dresser, says it's amazing the things people are willing to share with a friend and he takes the box with him. Outside, the other riders have gotten the horses they're taking, and they put a rope around a fence post and pull down part of the corral. Royal and his man come out of the house, the man has the chair, Royal has the music box. Nettie chases after him, demanding the music box. He turns and says Casey gave it to him, puts a hand to Nettie's throat, choking her. Casey runs out, pulls Royal's hand off Nettie and tells him to get off her. He lets go, laughs at them, then turns to leave. When he gets to his horse, Casey picks up a rock and throws it at him, hitting him in the backside and tells him to rot in Hell. Royal mounts his horse, tells them that they should leave the territory tomorrow, and if they tell anyone he was there, he'll throw Casey to his men and burn her house down with her in it. He and his men turn and ride away, Nettie and Casey standing together on the porch watch them go.

Roll opening credits.

At the newspaper office, Vin is asking who is this rancher Guy Royal. Nettie says he's a cattleman with more money and land than God, Vin asks what he needs with her little parcel. Nettie says it's not just hers. There's the Tackett's, the Burkhart's and the Olson's. Chris is taking a map from the wall as they talk. Mary says Guy Royal bought the land in foreclosure, paid next to nothing for it. Nettie says he probably got gifts from them, too. Chris puts the map on the table, points out a parcel, asks if it's Nettie's. She says yes, and points out the other parcels, too, along with one more, Cody Porter's, who'll probably be next. Vin comments that they're all in a line. Chris says it must be where it's going to come when it comes, Nettie asks what, Chris says the railroad. Mary says of course, and they'll have to deal with whoever owns the land.

Outside, JD is coming across the street, heading toward the newspaper office. When he gets to the door, he's stopped by Casey who tells him he can't go in, they're having a meeting. He says he can go in, he's one of them. She says she knows who he is, she's seen him around. Tells him he rides pretty good. Not as good as her, but not bad. He says, not as good as you? What do you know? She offers to race him, he says no, he's not going to race a girl. She asks why, is he scared? He says he's not.

As they're arguing, Chris comes out of the office, meeting Buck as he walks down the boardwalk. Buck says he's heard they got trouble. Chris asks him if he'll take part in a show of force, he says show of force is his middle name. Chris tells him to get out to Royal's. Vin and Nettie now come out of the office, Vin telling her she shouldn't stay at her ranch on her own. She says she's staying at the hotel for now. Vin reckons that's a good idea and offers to see her over there, offering his left arm to escort her. She takes it, says she's much obliged, she's not used to such gentlemanly behavior. Vin says he's not a gentleman, just thinks a woman of her courage deserves an escort. Nettie says it isn't courage, it's her dander that's up.

Watching Vin, Nettie and Casey go, JD comments to Buck that that girl gets on his nerves. Says she's not even hardly a girl. Buck tells him that if he was any blinder, he'd be running into walls.

Vin and Nettie talk as they walk, she tells him that she's lived in the territory since she was a girl, it was wilderness when her husband and she came out, he couldn't stand it, but it agreed with her. She's got seven notches on her old Spencer carbine, man or beast, you name it, she's had to kill it. Vin says you can do that with a Spencer carbine.

There's a man putting the last nail in a playbill being hung on a wall, he finishes just as five of our guys ride by. Josiah spies it and stops to read. Vin, at the head of the group, notices Josiah's stopped, holds everyone up to wait, asks what he's doing. Nathan rides back to see what's going on.

Josiah is staring at the playbill. Nathan asks what's wrong, Josiah says Yahweh has answered his prayers. Nathan asks who Yahweh is, Josiah says it's God. Nathan says he's been praying for Getting Gertie's Garter to come to town? Josiah answers him with a huge toothy grin and rides to join the others.

Vin asks if he's ready now. Josiah says whatever comes, but he's not doing anything that's going to keep him out of town on Saturday the 14th. Buck asks why, Josiah says he's just telling them, and he doesn't aim to be killed before then, either. Buck says he's riding with him.

The five get to Royal's ranch, they ride past the sentry and up to the house. Royal comes out, Curly apologizes that they wouldn't stop, Royal dismisses him and goes to ask what the guys want. Vin says he's got some things that belong to Nettie Wells. Royal says the small ranchers love him, give him gifts. Buck chimes in that it's just before he drives them off their land, that Royal's going to make a fine profit when the railroad comes through. At that, Royal is less welcoming. Says he's going to tell them how it is, he believes in the three G's, God, guns, and get the hell of my property. Vin says, that's nice, and he's going to tell how it is. He believes Royal's men aren't good enough to face them and Royal is a coward who threatens old women, so as soon as he gives them what they came for, they'll get the hell of his property. Royal stands for a moment, considering, looking at the drawn guns in our guy's hands, backs down. Says he's just an old whore loving cowboy, doesn't want to get murdered by gunmen. Tells Curly to cut out the horses Nettie "gave" him, turns out she's an Indian giver. Nods to Vin, says to be his guest. Before Vin gets down, he shares a look with Buck, who nods, he'll look after things outside, Vin gets off his horse.

Inside Royal's house, there's a lot of furniture, bird in a cage, many trinkets and decorative pieces. Vin sees Nettie's chair, picks it up. At his mantle, Royal picks up the music box, dusts it off, turns toward Vin. He tells Vin he's kind of a collector. Vin says his collecting days are over and takes the music box from him. Tells him to stay clear of Nettie Wells if he knows what's good for him.

Back outside, Vin hands the chair to JD, gets back on his horse. Royal comes out, shouts that this is his damn country. Vin says it's theirs too, and touches his hat as they turn and ride away. Still on Royal, as he's watching them go, he tells Curly to saddle up and ride into Lobo County tonight.

On the road back to town, JD is saying that Royal backed down like a yellow dog, that he had a dozen men and they could have whupped him easy. Vin says he isn't so sure it's handled, that there's two parcels of land in the railroad corridor that Royal doesn't own, Nettie's and Cody Porter's. Buck says men like Royal don't walk away from the poker table just because you call them.

In Lobo County there's a house burning, fully engulfed. A big man with a silver eye patch and a badge on is sitting on his horse, watching the fire with glee. Owner of the house is trying to put it out by hitting at the flames with a blanket. He catches his clothes on fire. One eye says if anyone has to go, do it on him. Curly comes riding in fast, rides up to one eye, asks if he's Marshal Spikes, says Guy Royal sent him, said to say he needs him. Spikes says he must want him bad to make him ride that far. Curly says it'll pay triple his marshal wages. Spikes asks if there's any burning. Curly says he can burn what he wants, mostly there's seven men Royal wants taken care of. Spikes knows about the seven men. Curly says so he'll come, Spikes says he'll come as soon as he finishes his business there. We see one of the men putting water on the rancher, dousing the flames. But, Spikes says, he'll cook and eat the liver of any man who puts a bullet in Chris Larabee before he can do his job.

Back in town, in Mrs. Potter's store, she's holding a suit up against Josiah, saying that the man who used to own it was a head shorter than him. Josiah says it doesn't matter, he'll take it. She says yes, sir, it'll be four dollars. He counts out dollar coins, relieved to have one left over. Mrs. Potter asks what the occasion is, is he sparking a young lady? He says no, he just likes dressing up sometimes. He pays her, takes the suit and goes.

Outside the bank, Mary is walking along, out of the bank comes Royal. He shows off that he's just bought the mortgage on Nettie's ranch, cost him $300, does she think when he calls the loan today that Nettie can pay for it? He walks away, then turns back to tell her he'll have the land legal, there's nothing she or her hired shootists can do about it.

Out at Nettie's repairs are going on to the corral fence. Josiah and Nathan are setting posts, Nettie is holding boards as Vin nails them in, Ezra is sitting, relaxed, having a drink from his flask. Vin looks at Ezra, tells him a man never drowned in his own sweat. Ezra says a gentlemen doesn't engage in menial labor.

Nathan asks Josiah what it means if a man gets himself a tail coat and a boiled shirt. Josiah puts down his tool, walks over to his canteen, tells Nathan that he'll tell him, but if he tells anyone else, he'll break his back, and he knows Josiah can do it. Josiah pulls out his wallet, pulls a picture from the fold, it's a young woman. Says he's carried it next to his heart for half a lifetime. Nathan asks who she is. Josiah says it's Emma Dubonnet. The one from the show that's coming to town. Same show Josiah saw in San Francisco when he was young and foolish. Introduced himself to her afterwards, it was true love. Saw her four times after that, always with a chaperon. Nathan asks why he didn't marry her. Josiah says he asked her and she accepted, but he told her there'd be a short delay while he spent two years on a course of spiritual study with a Cherokee holy man. Wonders if that wasn't a mistake. Nathan agrees it could have been. Anyway, Josiah says, fate is a capricious beast and now he has a chance to win her all over again, and he's a happy man.

Mary drives in to Nettie's in her wagon, tells them all about Royal buying the mortgage on her property and that he's going to call in the loan. Nettie asks if he can do that, Mary says she's afraid so. Vin asks how much she owes, Nettie says a few pennies over $300, but she's never seen that kind of money, what's she going to do. Vin looks over his shoulder at Ezra until Ezra notices and asks if something is wrong. Vin grins, moves to stand in front of Ezra, tells Nettie that she probably doesn't know it, but Ezra's a gambler. She says he's sure not a ranch hand, for which Ezra thanks her. Vin goes on to say that Ezra's been saving his winnings because he wants to buy a saloon of his own. Ezra asks what Vin is suggesting, Vin says that Ezra's got more than $300 tucked in his fancy boot, Ezra asks if Vin expects him to donate it to this wizened crone (no offense, ma'am), asks if Vin has taken leave of his senses. Vin says to give her the money, Nettie says she doesn't take charity, Vin says it won't be charity, tells Ezra again to give her the money. Ezra says when the dead rise from their graves to receive judgement, he'll start doling out cash. Vin tells him he'll pay it back in an hour. Ezra is interested. Says he'll loan it to him at ten percent interest if Vin pays it back in an hour, after that, twenty percent per day. Vin says to just get it out of his boot and give it to her. Ezra does, tosses the cash to Vin who gives it to Nettie. Nettie thanks both Vin and Ezra, who says she shouldn't thank him, thank Robin Hood there.

Royal is at Nettie's with two of his men, one of them on the porch steps as she hands over the cash. She tells him he's got his blood money, now he should get off her property. He says he's getting, but he's damned if he knows how she came up with $300. She says that's none of his business, is it. Royal and his men take off.

On the trail away from Nettie's, Royal and his men meet Chris on horseback, he stops them, they ask what he wants, he says their money, of course. Royal says is one man going to rob them, Chris says it's not a robbery. Buck and Nathan are on foot with rifles above the trail, JD and Josiah on horseback behind Chris, Ezra and Vin come up on foot from the bushes beside the trail. Vin does the talking, says that since Royal loves the ranchers so much, he might like to make a donation to their ranch repair fund, a gift. Royal hands over the cash he got at Nettie's, Chris says that's mighty generous of him. Royal is pissed, says that the smart fellows won't be laughing much after today, advises them to invest some of that money into their coffins. Royal and his men ride on. Ezra plucks the cash out of Vin's hand and asks him about the interest. Vin just gives him a look and walks away, leaving Ezra calling after him.

In town, a fancy wagon is driving in, the passengers are two women, one dressed kind of plainly, the other in bright green and feathers and showing lots of cleavage. The brightly dressed one is calling to the crowd, telling them all to come to the show at the saloon. Josiah is in the crowd, calls to her, that it's him, Josiah. She says of course it is, how you doing, darling. He's in love all over again, says how much they have to talk about. She says yes, they do, don't they, he should be sure and come to the show. He says he will. To no one in particular she says she's got to go so bad her teeth are floating. Josiah is in heaven, hand to chest with a big sigh.

Later, inside the saloon, Josiah is sitting, drinking. In the background, JD and Buck are laughing. Buck is telling Josiah that it was pathetic, he saw it with his own two eyes. JD says it was like a lovesick calf, Buck asks what was that sound he was making, like mooing or something. JD is doing an imitation, it's me, Josiah, Buck doing it along with him. Josiah doesn't think it's funny, gets up, throws off his coat, asks who wants to fight. JD and Buck keep making fun until Josiah kicks over some furniture, then Buck slips over behind the bar as Josiah shouts again about who wants to fight. Buck says hold on, nobody wants to fight. Josiah shouts to shut up. Buck and Josiah stare at each other a moment, neither says anything, Josiah turns and gets his coat and stalks out of the saloon. Buck eases back over the bar, tells JD that a man should be able to take a little joke, and they imitate Josiah's "shut up."

Outside in the street, a rider is coming in fast, shouting that they're burning Cody Porter's ranch and that they're fixing to hang him. Conveniently, Vin, Ezra, and Nathan are mounted up and can head right out. They gallop out of town to see what's up.

We see a burned out house, all that's standing is some framing and the fireplace. Our three ride up and dismount, right under the hanging body of Cody Porter. They go to cut him down, stopped as a bullet hits the tree close to where Nathan is cutting the rope.

Spikes and his men ride in, says he's got a message for Chris Larabee. Vin says he might want to know who from. He says it's from Marshal Bob Spikes, but they call him Top Hat Bob, maybe they've heard of him. Nathan asks if he's supposed to be famous. Bob says hell, yes, he's famous. Vin waves a hand in front of his face, asks Bob if he just ate a dead animal. Bob ignores that, says to tell Chris that from now on any dealings with Royal come through him. Vin says he'll tell him. Bob looks over at Ezra, says that Royal likes gifts, that he'd like Ezra's coat. Ezra says that Bob would like a face, guess they're both out of luck. Bob backhands Ezra across the face, knocks him to the ground, one of Bob's men gets down and gets Ezra's coat. Bob leans down to tell Vin one more thing, to tell Chris to think about the last time they met, because the next time they do, he's going to rip Chris's eye out.

In town, Josiah is standing in the street outside Virginia's Hotel, walking back and forth, looking up at the window. Emma comes to the window, pulls the curtain aside, Josiah sees her and waves, she waves back then closes the curtain. He is smitten, gives a huge sigh and walks away.

On the boardwalk in front of the saloon, JD is sitting alone, playing mumbletypeg with his pocket knife. Casey is walking along and sees him, comes over and starts throwing her knife. JD is annoyed, after a couple of throws, he misses. Now he's really annoyed, he gets up, grabs his knife says can't a man play a quiet game with his knife without being distracted, and stalks off. Casey watches him go, confused.

Buck, standing nearby, tells Casey she ain't fooling anybody except maybe JD. Casey says he's talking through his sock. Buck says if that boy had half a brain he'd see that she was a fine example of the gentler sex. She says he shouldn't go getting any ideas, he says wait a minute, don't you know a helping hand when you see it? What he's suggesting is that she let JD in on her talents. Casey says she can rope, ride and spit faster and farther than any man. Buck is doing his best to be diplomatic, says those are mighty admirable qualities, but JD might not be man enough to handle them. Casey says that JD is more of a man than ... and Buck interrupts her, tells her to hush and sit down, let old Buck talk to her for a second. Maybe she should think about combing her hair, she's got beautiful hair, and wipe some of that dirt of her pretty face, and that smile. And, has she heard of something, it's called a dress?

In the saloon, Vin and Chris are playing cards, talking. Vin is saying the man said he'd cut Chris's eye out. Chris says Top Hat Bob Spikes, he's never heard of him. Vin says he ain't one that'd be easy to forget, could kill a man with his breath alone. From outside, we hear Bob call for Chris.

Bob is in the street outside the saloon, calling for Chris. Says he's calling him out. Buck sends Casey away, moves to stand near the saloon door, flanked on the other side by Vin, Nathan is also there. Chris comes out to the street, asks who the hell Bob is. Bob says Chris is a low down Yankee liar if he says they've never met. Buck says it seems a man would remember an ugly one-eyed coward, six and half foot tall with no hair and a sissy hat. Bob says damn you, Chris Larabee, you've been scared of running into me since we met. Chris says there's a couple of ladies he's scared of running into, but Bob isn't one of them. Here he is. They stand and stare for a long moment, Bob says he won't kill Chris without the satisfaction of Chris knowing why he's doing it. He has other business. Bob gets on his horse, Buck says why not give him a hint. Bob comes close, says rail splitting, you pusillanimous son of a bitch. Chris is confused. Rail splitting? Vin says if Bob has other business, it's apt to be with Nettie Wells. Buck says Chris sure knows how to pick 'em. Chris says they should get out to Nettie's.

Chris, Buck, Nathan and Vin ride out to Nettie's, Vin jumps off his horse when they get there, runs into the house, shouts Nettie's name as he busts in the door. Nettie is sitting in the chair, her Spencer carbine aimed at the center of the door. She says it's good he's not Bob Spikes or she'd have another notch on her Spencer. Vin says he's still alive, best get her back to town. Nettie says Vin's been putting in a lot of hours worrying about her, does he have a soft spot for her? He says he does. She asks was she a skinny old biddy, too? He asks who, she says whoever it is she reminds him of. Vin says she was skinny, but not very old. Nettie asks where she is now. Vin says gone, then turns and heads out of the house. Nettie stands for a moment, considering his last comment, then follows.

Out at Royal's, Bob and his men ride in, one of Royal's men stops them and asks if he's Sheriff Bob Spikes, Bob backhands him off his horse and says it's Marshal Spikes to him and rides on through.

Inside, Royal is dressed up, there's a tailor making alterations to a coat he's wearing, it's Ezra's coat. Bob comes in, Royal tells him it's a mighty fine jacket, he wouldn't have pegged Bob for a man with style, asks if he and his men are comfortable in the bunk-house. Bob says yes, sir. Says Porter's place is gone and tomorrow they burn out the old lady. Royal tells him he's worthy of his reputation, and they'll do business again. Bob says he isn't leaving without Larabee's eye. Royal says if he takes care of his business, he's welcome to any part of Chris's anatomy he chooses. Bob says yes, sir, with a grin, turns and leaves.

At the saloon, men are lined up outside, JD is trying to see over their shoulders, can't manage to see in. They're announcing the Songbird of San Francisco, Miss Emma Dubonnet. But since JD can't see in, he backs up and turns away, only to see Buck escorting Casey along the boardwalk, down the step at the side of the hardware store. Casey is in a dress, her hair is loose around her shoulders, she's smiling. Buck looks prouder than a poppa at her. JD smiles as he sees her, he's entranced, she looks back at him much the same way. As they get close to the step up to the walk in front of the saloon, Buck lets go of her arm and stands away, letting her go on her own. But, as she steps up, her boot catches the hem of her skirt, pulling it off. She's mortified, smacks Buck as she runs away, he turns to follow her after sharing a look with JD.

Inside the saloon, Emma and her two dancers are performing. Emma is singing "Beautiful Dreamer" and the dancers are in loose tunic like costumes, waving silk handkerchiefs. In the audience, Josiah is in his new suit and boiled shirt, holding his hat in his hands. He's completely taken by the performance and its beauty. Guy Royal is also in the audience, and lifts his drink in salute to Emma. Josiah is so enthralled he's near tears, in fact, as she finishes the song, a single tear traces down his cheek. The whole audience applauds loudly.

As Emma makes her way out after the performance, Emma stops to greet the crowd, tells them how they sustain them in their hour. Josiah pushes to the front, takes Emma's hand, tells her she was sublime. She says hello again, remembers his name, Josiah, says she saw him in the third row. He says when he saw her up there, all he could think about were their walks along the Embarcadero, does she remember. She's doing her best with him, says it was fun. She tries to walk on, but he still has her hands. He says he's sorry he had to leave her, but those two years of spiritual study were the most important in his life. She says yes, well, she's sure they were. She tries to pull away again, can't. Turns back to Josiah. He says he missed her. She says she missed him, too. He kisses her hands, says thank you. She finally gets loose, says don't mention it, walks on, but he runs to get ahead of her, tells her the thought of her has sustained him throughout all the years of privation and spiritual search. As he talks, she's looking past him to Royal, who is driving up in a buggy. Josiah keeps talking, asks if she could ever think of marrying him again. She says, oh, well, let me tell you something, I am taken for the evening, besides, she doesn't think he could afford her. Josiah is looking a little confused, Royal is out of the buggy, telling Emma they should get going. She tells Royal she is ready and willing. Josiah watches them go, realization sinking in.

Down the boardwalk, Chris and Buck are sitting at a table, Chris has a bottle and glass. As we get closer to them, Buck moos, his hands in front of his mouth. There's another moo, most likely from Chris, and we see it's JD's POV we were in before. He stops in front of them, steps up to join them. Buck laughs, says it looks like they've got another lovesick calf on their hands. JD says Buck doesn't know nothing. Buck asks if JD's going to stand there and deny it. Tells Chris he should have seen his face when he saw that little girl. JD sits down, says Buck thinks he knows everything.

All of a sudden, Chris remembers Bob Spikes. It was a rail splitting contest, back in Indiana, he couldn't have been more than about 17 years old, it was a friendly contest, he won, Bob thought he cheated, threw a punch, turned into a brawl. Buck says he can see how beating him might cause a fight, but that doesn't seem to be enough reason to want to kill a man. Chris says that's how Bob lost his eye, in that brawl. Buck says that's the reason. JD says that if Chris doesn't ever tell Bob that he remembers him, then Bob won't have to kill him. Buck looks at Chris, and he's not buying it. Vin comes up to them, says he thinks they should ride out to Royal's tonight, take care of Spikes before he puts the torch to Nettie's. Chris says he was thinking the same thing, if they leave now, they'll get there before nightfall. Vin agrees, says let's get the others. They all get up to go, JD stops Chris, asks him how he knows he can take Bob, Chris answers him with a smile.

As the guys are riding out of town, Josiah comes out of the saloon, a bottle in his hand, and he's drinking straight from the bottle. They stop to ask if he's coming along, Josiah slowly sits down on the boardwalk with his bottle, Buck says he guesses he's not.

It's night, Josiah is still on the boardwalk, still drinking. He stands up unsteadily, stares at the bottle for a moment, throws it against the saloon wall as he says God forgive me, takes the first horse he sees at the tie rail, gets aboard after three tries, heads out of town. A man comes out, yells that that's his horse, Josiah says much obliged, man chases him, wants him to come back.

At Royal's, the guys are up above the house on a hill. Nathan says Royal's in the house with Emma. Vin says the others are by the barn, Bob must be in the bunkhouse. What they need is a diversion. Buck says he's got an old stick of dynamite in his saddle bag, Chris asks if he can light it off near the bunkhouse. Buck says he'll give it a try. Ezra says not to blow up the son of a bitch who's wearing his coat, and follows Buck.

Next to the bunkhouse, Buck is holding the dynamite, Ezra is trying to light a match. The first one goes out before he can light the fuse. Buck reaches out to shelter the match as he tries to light the second one, Ezra says he knows what he's doing, and Buck takes his hand back.

Drunken Josiah is still galloping along, screaming to Emma that he's coming.

In the house, in Royal's bedroom, Emma is down to her corset and bloomers, Royal is taking off his suspenders.

Vin is asking what the hell is taking them so long.

Finally, the third match lights, they get the fuse lit, but as Buck throws the dynamite stick, the fuse falls out. Ezra holds it up for Buck to see. They share a look as Josiah rides in, yelling for Emma, that he'll save her. Nathan says now that's a diversion. The other six guys take advantage of this to run down to the yard area.

Royal hears the fuss, says wait a minute.

Four of Royal's men try to pull Josiah off the horse, but he falls on them, taking them all down. Josiah punches out a couple of the men, then heads into the house. Our guys have the drop on the rest of Royal's men, they tell them to stay down on the ground.

Bob comes out of the bunkhouse, shouts at Chris to ask if he remembers him yet. Chris says it was just a friendly contest. Bob points to his eye and asks if that looks friendly to him, says Chris did that to him at the rail splitting contest. Says they should finish it. Chris says whatever you say. Chris takes off his gunbelt, hands it to Buck, the same with his hat. Bob is a little quicker, charges at Chris, knocks him down. All the men back off to give the combatants room. It's a mean fight.

In Royal's bedroom, Josiah comes busting in the door, Emma is shocked, Josiah says he's there to save her. Royal has his gun out, takes a shot at Josiah, creases his forehead, but doesn't even slow him down. He keeps coming, gets Royal in a bear hug. Royal says to let him go, Josiah doesn't, Emma says to let Royal go, that she doesn't want to be saved. Vin comes to the bedroom door, gun drawn, takes one look at the situation, rests his gun on his shoulder and backs slowly away. Josiah keeps squeezing Royal, tells him to say he's safe in the arms of the lord, all the while Emma is batting Josiah on the head, telling him to let go, Royal says Josiah is breaking his ribs.

Back in the yard, the fight between Bob and Chris is still going on, Chris is getting the upper hand, a few good punches to Bob's face and he's going down, each time he tries to get up, Chris punches him again, when he finally stays down, Chris says he's going to stand trial for murder, and he's going to hang, like he did to Cody Porter. Bob says hang, no Chris has got to shoot him, put a bullet in him. Chris says sorry, Bob. Bob is begging, for the love of God, don't let him hang, he doesn't want to hang, put a bullet in him. Buck goes to hand Chris his hat, says he thought Bob almost had him for a minute.

With Royal and Josiah, Emma is upset, in tears, Josiah is ruining everything. Royal finally says what Josiah wants, Josiah tells him that if he ever touches her again, the lord'll know and he'll burn in hell. He lets Royal go, tells Emma she's safe now. She says he's a lunatic. Josiah says Mr. Royal will not be bothering her any more. She says will Josiah listen to her, she wanted him to bother her, he paid for the privilege. Josiah is confused, asks what? She says, yes, that's right. Josiah repeats it, he paid her? She says, yes, that's right, he paid her. Josiah says, but, what about you and me? Emma says she never saw him before in her life. Josiah says yes she did, they walked down the Embarcadero together, she fed him oysters with those little hands of hers. She says if she did, she does not remember, and would he get that through that thick wooden head of his, she does not remember him. Josiah is shaken.

Vin has Royal, is taking him out of the house, telling him it's over, he's going to return all the goods he's stolen and give back the lands he's claimed, then throws Royal to the ground with his other men in the yard. Ezra says in case they decide to shoot him, he'd appreciate the restitution of his jacket first, and he pulls the jacket off Royal. Josiah is leaning against a porch post, Emma comes out of the door slowly, pulling her wrap around her. Vin looks at Josiah, asks if he's coming. Without a glance at Emma, Josiah says yup and moves to join them. As they walk away, Vin says adios to Royal.

In Royal's yard, it's daytime, there are several wagons around, lots of furniture in the yard. Ezra carries out a wash stand and a small table, takes a moment to check the bruise on his face in the mirror. Mary is there, says that belongs to the Tacketts. Ezra wonders what the odds are that she'll even find them. She says she knows they moved up north, she'll find them. He smiles, says he bets she will, he turns to go.

In another part of the yard, Nathan and Josiah are stacking a chest of drawers on top of a larger item, Nathan tells Josiah he's sorry it didn't work out. Josiah asks what, Nathan says his romance with Emma Dubonnet. Josiah says that wasn't Emma Dubonnet, he pulls out his wallet and the old picture, says this is Emma Dubonnet.

At Nettie's, Vin is helping her down from her wagon, follows her up on to her porch. Nettie is looking thoughtful, stops and asks Vin if he's going to tell her about her, his ma. Vin smiles, a faraway smile, says, well, she raised him till he was five, then she got sick. Putrid fever got her. She put up a heck of a fight, though. Nettie says she sounds like a strong woman. Vin nods, yes, she was. Before she died, she told him, boy, you're a Tanner, don't you ever forget that. Even though he was just a little feller, those words have echoed in his heart to this day. Reckon he just wants to live up to being a Tanner. Nettie tells him you do, son, you do. She goes inside, he goes to the wagon, unties his horse from the back and mounts up and rides off as we...

...fade to black and roll closing credits.