We open on a woman walking ahead of an Indian who is leading two horses. She stumbles, falls, says she can't go on. He says she must, pulls up one of the horses, tells her she'll ride, he'll walk, he lifts her, but not gently, onto the horse.

Vin, Buck and a party of riders are at a stream, Vin, Buck and one man are on foot, Vin is looking at the ground near the stream, finds a branch, says the one they're following wore it out brushing away his tracks, but he's in a hurry, missed a few. Two horses, unshod. Indian ponies, says Buck. Vin nods in agreement, says the tracks are deep, they're slowing down, the horses are tired, he's backtracking.

The stranger with them, a young man, is angry, says they told them that an hour ago. An older man chastises Rafe (the young one) for his tone, but Rafe goes on, saying that buck's got his sister and this tracker isn't sure which side he's on. JD steps in, says that all Vin said was he wasn't sure Chanu was a renegade. Rafe isn't convinced, walks off to Buck, says the red devil is probably out there waiting to jump them. Buck says he'll probably just jump Rafe, they always go for the loudest ones first.

The older man asks Vin how he knows the tracks are fresh. Vin says there was a heavy dew this morning, tracks are still wet. Man accepts the explanation, asks which way. Vin says just follow me, Mr. Mosely.

Chanu and the woman are at a creek, he's drinking, tells her to do the same.

Vin and Buck are riding at the head of their party, Vin finds a broken bush, goes a little further, calls a halt and dismounts. Buck gets down to join him looking at the ground. Vin says he's on foot, leading the ponies. Some in the party are talking, asking what he's doing. Vin says to Buck that they're close, but they're not going to get near them with this bunch on their necks. Buck agrees, tells JD to go ahead and make camp, they'll go scout ahead. Rafe says he's going with them. Buck says it's not a good idea. Rafe asks who made him God. Buck says his pa did, when he asked for their help. Rafe's argument is cut off by his pa, and Vin and Buck lead their horses away.

At the creek, Chanu is telling the woman she should drink, but she's sitting with her head on her knees, in exhaustion. A rifle shot breaks the quiet, the bullet goes into the water just in front of Chanu, he jumps up, knife in hand, sees Buck up on the hill above him, hears Vin cock his mare's leg behind him, spins around to face Vin. Vin asks the woman, Claire, if she's okay, she says she is. Vin tells Chanu they have to take him in, when Chanu raises the hand with the knife poised to throw, Buck chambers another round in his rifle, says one way or another. Chanu waits a long moment, then throws down the knife.

Vin and Buck are riding back into town, Vin leading Chanu's pony, Buck leading Claire's. Chanu's hands are tied behind him, they are greeted by townspeople eager for Chanu's blood.

Nathan and Ezra are on the boardwalk standing with Mary, Ezra says this should be an interesting challenge for her, turning this situation into one of her pro-Indian editorials. Mary says they don't know his story. Ezra says lovely woman, abducted from her home by a savage, couldn't we hazard a guess?

The townspeople seem to favor Ezra's interpretation, gathering around, shouting. Buck and Vin are now riding on each side of Chanu, protecting him from the mob.

As they get to where Nathan and Ezra are standing, Ezra calls to Vin, asking if he's misplaced the rest of his party, what happened to Mosely and his posse, did they go around them? Vin says it was either that or throw Chanu to the wolves. Ezra says that's an intriguing option. As Vin and Buck dismount, the mob pushes in, Vin grabs one of the biggest, tells him to back off. Nathan helps Claire off her horse. Chris comes up, tells Vin he better get Chanu behind bars before somebody does something stupid. Vin and Buck take Chanu to the jail, Nathan carries Claire into the newspaper office, Chris takes Mary aside and tells her it won't be long after that posse gets back that the situation will get out of hand. She says she'll wire the judge today, but it'll take him at least three days to get there.

As Vin and Buck walk Chanu to the jail, the mob gets rowdier, shouting and throwing things (a head of lettuce) and Chanu sneers at the thrower.

Chris says to Mary that it's going to be a long three days.

Roll opening credits.

We continue with the mob, which is joined by the posse riding back in. JD asks Vin if they got him, Vin nods. Mosely comes up asking about Claire, Vin tells him Nathan is seeing to her in the newspaper office. Rafe gets in Vin's face, asking if he cut them out to bring him in, now they know what side he's really on. Vin says you mean the side that's not a lynching party. Rafe says one mark on his sister and they may be looking at him. Vin just stares at him, then turns to go into the jail. Rafe goes to stop him, says hey, I'm talking to you. Rafe is stopped by Josiah, who puts himself between Rafe and the jail door, tells Rafe his sister is scared and needing him, asks if he's going to take time from that to make a fuss. Rafe takes off, as he goes, JD tells Josiah that one's trouble, he's heard his pa had to pull him out of scrapes from here to Kansas. Josiah says that's about right for a missionary's boy.

In the newspaper office, Mary is wringing out a cloth for Claire, Nathan is saying it's just bruised, tells Claire she should heal up in a few days as long as she takes it easy. We hear the door open, Claire looks up, we see Mosely and Rafe come in. They pass Chris, who is just leaning on the wall nearby. Mosely goes to her, sweet lord, she's safe, says they've been worried sick. Rafe asks what he did to her, is she okay. Nathan says physically she seems fine, except she's got a banged up knee. Rafe asks if Nathan touched her, Nathan stands, taking offense. Chris, from the background, asks if Rafe doesn't mean thank you. Mosely tells Rafe there's enough hurt to go around without his vicious tongue.

People calm, Mosely kneels in front of Claire, tells her he should never have let her near the reservation, he didn't...? Claire shakes her head, says she's alright. Chris suggests they take her home, she looks like she could use some rest. Mosely agrees, Rafe takes Claire out. Mary asks Mosely if there's anything she can do to help. Mosely tells her to pray he finds forgiveness, she says he will. He says he doesn't know, he's devoted his life to bringing the enlightenment of the lord to those people, if this is his reward...and he turns and leaves.

In the saloon, the barkeep slides a bottle to Josiah. JD is there, asks if it's true that Chanu is the son of the chief. Josiah says yup, guesses he'll finally get a chance to meet him. Meet him, JD says, you going up to the reservation? Josiah says somebody's got to tell him they've got his boy, says he'll stay a few days in case anybody gets any ideas about breaking him out. He was hoping for a better calling card, but the lord does work in mysterious ways. Rafe elbows up onto the bar, says not to bother with that bible talk up there, if the great bible thumping Owen Mosely can't turn them, don't think he can. Josiah says he's not interested in turning them. Rafe downs a shot, then says all you fellas are mighty high on yourselves, he's heard of their reputations, and he's not impressed, in Dodge City he had a run in or two himself. JD turns to Rafe and says a reputation's got to be growed into, sonny, he's got a few more years before he qualifies, turns back to find Josiah staring at him, and JD says he does. Josiah suggests to Rafe he go tend to his family. Rafe asks JD if he's worried he'll throw down on him. Josiah slides the bottle down the bar to Chris, who has just come in and Chris says not half as worried as Rafe should be. Rafe looks from Chris to Josiah and back again, then snarls at Chris that he'll be watching him. JD, still mouthing off, says they'll be shaking in their boots. Josiah continues to stare at JD, who asks what?

It's night, a lone rider is coming into the Indian village, it's Josiah, he stops in front of the chief who asks if he's the new missionary. Josiah says he and his missionary ways parted company a long time ago. He gets off his horse, steps up, introduces himself. Chief says he's Kojay. Josiah says he knows, been wanting to sit down and talk to him. Unfortunately what he's got to talk about now isn't good news. Kojay asks if Chanu is dead, Josiah says no, but he's been caught and he's going to stand trial for kidnapping. Kojay says to bring him there, if he did it, he'll be punished by tribal law. Josiah says the town people won't agree to that, Kojay says they don't understand, Josiah says he believes he understands. Kojay asks if he knows his son's reasons, Josiah says no, but he knows how it can feel to have a bible shoved down his throat, how mad it can make a man, his father was a missionary, like Mosely, did his work for a while, till they broke. Kojay says your god came between your father and you, and between me and Chanu, your god should find better things to do with his time.

Back at the jail, Chanu is sitting on the floor, back to the bars, facing away from JD and Nathan who are at the desk playing cards. Chanu is chanting in a low voice, and also coiling a leather strap he's taking off his moccasin. JD asks why he keeps singing like that, Nathan says he guesses it's a prayer, JD says to save his hide. Nathan says there's nothing funny about a man losing his life, JD quickly says he knows.

Outside the jail, Vin is sitting, blowing his harmonica, stops to greet Buck and Ezra as they come up. Buck sits down near Vin, Ezra leans on a post opposite. Buck says they might have a problem. Ezra says some disturbing rumors have been circulating regarding Vin's relationship with the man in question. Vin says he expected as much. Buck asks how well he knows him. Vin says he doesn't, but he knows his people, knows how they think, guesses he had a reason for doing what he did. Buck looks at Vin, says he saw the look in that girl's eyes when they found her, she was scared out of her wits, can't think of any reason that would make that right. Buck gets up, walks off slowly, Ezra follows, stopping to look back at Vin once more.

From inside the jail, we see Vin come in, Nathan asks if things are quieting down, Vin says not hardly, but suggests that they go grab some grub, says he'll watch the place for a while. They go and Vin unlocks the outer cell doors and goes in, offering Chanu some food, wrapped in a red calico bandanna, says he thought Chanu might be hungry. Chanu makes no move to take it. Vin tells him his father's being told where he is, if Chanu wants, he can get him a message. Chanu says nothing, just paces back and forth. Vin says he's heard Chanu's been raising hell about the missionaries up at the reservation, that got something to do with him taking the girl? Chanu stops pacing and stares at Vin. Vin says people think he took her to have his way with her, but he'd have done that long before they found him if that were so, they haven't asked Claire yet -- Chanu interrupts, asking why talk to a foolish girl who lies like her father, who promises his people things they will only get after they die, who tries to destroy their spirit, their ways. The missionary steals from their people, so he steals from them. Vin tells him he's got a world of trouble on his shoulders, the judge is coming to town, he's a good man, might understand, could even keep him from swinging. Chanu stops pacing, holds out his hand, asks for the food. Vin hands it through the bars, Chanu grabs Vin's hand, pulls hard on his arm to get him against the bars, gets the strap around Vin's neck, pulls tight, choking him, Vin manages to get Chanu's right hand, twists and breaks it, but Chanu hangs on, holding the strap until Vin passes out, then letting him drop. With Vin unconscious and the keys there, Chanu lets himself out of the cell and then leaves out the back door of the jail.

Later, still inside the jail, Vin is sitting up against the cell, eyes closed, Nathan patting at his cheek trying to get him to wake up. JD comes in with Chris, saying they found him laying there, just like that. Chris says alright, tells JD to stay posted outside, nobody comes in, nobody knows anything, then he kneels down in front of Vin. Vin wakes up, asks where Chanu is. Gone, Nathan says. Vin is pissed, starts to get up, Nathan tells him to take it easy, Chris says they'll go after him, Vin should stay put. Vin says he's going after him, Chanu's his. They're all on their feet now, Nathan says if they keep a guard outside, folk'll think they still have Chanu, buy us a little time. Vin says all he needs is 24 hours. Chris says it's an awful lot of hard riding for a man in his condition, Nathan says he'll ride with him. Chris says all right, 24 hours, then they form a posse.

Nathan and Vin ride up to a house and dismount. Nathan says the place is all lit up, Mosely must be home. Rafe comes out, asks what they want. Vin asks where his sister is. Rafe says she and his pa are gone, when he came home he found three horses missing and the front door wide open. Vin says to Nathan that he must have come and took her, Mosely went after them. They start to walk away, Rafe chambers a round in his rifle, tells them to hold it. They stop, turn, Vin says shoot us if you have to, but we're going after your sister. Rafe asks where they are, Vin says he doesn't know but Chanu's escaped. Rafe says they let him get away, they need another posse. Nathan says no, they're going alone. Rafe says the hell they are, when he finds him, he's going to blow him to hell. Vin comes up behind Rafe and cold cocks him, pulls his hat over his face, says sorry, kid.

At the Indian village, it's morning. JD rides in, finds Josiah who has just been given a bowl of something to eat. Josiah asks if it's for another posse, JD says no, he's been sent to back Josiah in case Chanu comes there. Kojay ambles by, says he won't. Josiah looks after Kojay, offers the bowl to JD, who says he's starving. JD takes a bite, says it's good, asks what it is. The woman who gave the bowl to Josiah holds up a skunk pelt. JD looks much less hungry and excuses himself.

Josiah has caught up with Kojay, asks if he knows where Chanu is. Kojay says what do father's know of their sons. Josiah says he said Chanu wouldn't come here, he must know more. Kojay says it's a feeling. Josiah says if they can get to him first, they can save him, he's his father, has to do what he can to protect him. Kojay asks if his father tried to protect him. Josiah says in his own way, yes. Kojay says and like most sons, it angered you. Josiah says his father is dead, he'd like to keep Chanu from being the same. Kojay tells Josiah his father's spirit walks with him, it's why he's unbalanced, it's too heavy on his shoulder. As Kojay walks away, Josiah says it's not about his balance, it's about Chanu. Kojay says all things are connected and keeps walking as Josiah looks confused.

Vin and Nathan are leading their horses through a wooded area, Vin says it's still two horses trailed by one. Nathan says headed north, like Vin thought. Vin says were, changed direction. Nathan asks why. Vin says coyote tracks, must have crossed their path, bad luck to keep going straight according to his people. Nathan laughs, asks how come he knows so much about this stuff. Vin says he lived with them for a while when he was buffalo hunting, had a friend, best tracker in the tribe, taught him what he knew, what he didn't know, he just plumb made up. Nathan asks where he is now. Vin says he got killed when the army rounded up and forced them to the reservation. Vin holds up a hand to stop Nathan, says someone's coming in.

Mosely is riding toward them from down the trail, stops and dismounts, says he followed them as best he could, he knew the wilderness as a boy, but he's a preacher, not a tracker. Nathan tells him he did all he could do, now it's best if he kept on heading back home. Mosely says Claire put her hope and trust in the lord, working selflessly by his side, trying to save the Indians, he'll go to his grave trying to get her back, he can same them some time, he can show them where he lost Chanu's trail. Vin tells him when they come up on them, to stay back and let them handle it. Mosely says he just wants to get his daughter back safely, that's all. Vin assures him they'll get her back.

In town, Ezra is in a chair in front of the jail, feet propped up on a post, manipulating cards with one hand. Buck is standing behind him, rifle resting on his shoulder. As Buck passes close he says real convincing, Ezra. Ezra says he doesn't see the need for this ruse, Chris puts a tad more trust in Vin's instincts than he does. Buck says the one thing they don't need is the whole town getting riled up because Chanu is gone. It could get ugly, and he does hate ugly.

Rafe comes galloping into town, shouting for people to get out of his way. Ezra looks at Rafe, looks at Buck, says, well, then, brace yourself, because here comes ugly, and they'd best shut him up before it gets out of hand. Rafe dismounts in front of the jail, demands to know what they're doing, why aren't they out looking for Claire and his pa. Buck tells him to calm down, Claire and his pa are in good hands. Rafe says that renegade tracker of theirs damn near took his head off, so don't tell him to calm down. Ezra says head wound, that might be serious, perhaps he should examine it. Both Ezra and Buck are slapping Rafe around a bit, he's telling them to get off him, Buck says he better let Ezra take a look at it, he knows what he's doing, didn't he read a medical book once? Ezra says actually he only looked at the illustrations, more gruesome images he has never seen, as he grabs Rafe's head he goes on, this is serious, you could collapse at any moment, at which Buck smacks him in the back of the head with his rifle butt, and Rafe falls into Ezra's arms. They get him up and head toward the jail, Ezra tells a passing citizen that Rafe is overcome by gratitude for them saving his sister.

Out on the trail, Vin is looking at a campfire, Nathan is saying it's only a few hours old, probably put out right before dawn. Mosely says then they were here. Vin is poking around at the wood in the fire, picks out one piece, turns behind him to look at a fallen tree, says the wood from the fire came from that tree, it's been struck by lightning. Mosely says he appreciates Vin's attention to detail, but aren't they wasting time? Vin says his people fear lightning, won't burn wood that's been cursed by it.

At the Indian village, JD is wandering around, watching some kids play with a goat. He sees a tepee with smoke coming out the chimney hole and the door, says to passing people hey, there's fire, fire, don't they speak English, there's a fire, he's running around, trying to find water, checks a bucket, it's empty, finds another that's full, grabs it up, runs into the tepee, throws the water, discovers that inside are a group of the village men, sitting around a fire, naked. Josiah comes in after JD, asks them to excuse the boy, poor upbringing, embarrassment to them all, grabs the back of JD's vest and pulls him out of the tepee. JD is scandalized, says those men were naked in there. Josiah says he noticed. JD says hard not to. Josiah tells him it's a sweat lodge, a purifying ritual to harmonize themselves with nature, it's sacred and JD needs to show more respect. JD says he thinks it's nuts, and that they're nuts for staying there, they should be going after Chanu themselves, they can catch him, and besides, the old man said Chanu isn't coming there. Josiah says the old man knows more than he's saying, there's something he wants him to know, something about Chanu. JD wants to know why he won't just tell him. Josiah says he doesn't want to reveal more than he has to, wants him to figure it out for himself.

On the trail, Vin comes to the top of a rise, calls a halt. Below him, through the trees, he sees Chanu on the ground, working one handed, setting out stones. Nathan and Vin are working their way carefully down the hill when Mosely follows, slips and falls, making noise, which Chanu hears. Vin and Nathan are now running down the hill, trying to get there before Chanu can get to his horse and leave, but they don't make it. When Vin gets to the remaining horse, he calls after Chanu, then unties the horse to go after him, but as he looks past the horse, he sees Claire on the ground, lying motionless. He hesitates, Nathan comes up to where he is and sees Claire. Mosely comes up also, Nathan has knelt to check Claire, but she's dead. Mosely is stricken at his loss, Nathan looks at Vin, who is simply staring out the way Chanu went.

Mosely is finishing tying Claire's body, wrapped in a blanket, over the saddle of her horse. Nathan is telling Vin that there were bruises about the size of a man's hand on both sides of Claire's neck. Mosely says he'll be heading back. Nathan says he's sorry for his grief. Mosely says a man's not meant to outlive his children. Nathan asks if he's sure he doesn't want him to go back with him. Mosely just wants his baby's killer dealt with, do that for him, for Claire. Vin says they'll track him down. Mosely says he doesn't know if that's good enough any more.

In town, Ezra and Buck step out of the jail as Mosely comes riding back in, leading the horse with Claire's body on it. Mary comes out of her office, also sees them riding in, some of the townspeople give her a look, many of the townspeople are there watching the procession. He rides past Chris, past Ezra and Buck, Rafe comes out of the jail, still fighting about the poke to the head, sees his pa and Claire, forgets his anger, runs to his pa, Chris goes to comfort Mary, when Rafe gets to his pa, Mosely stops him from getting to the body, Buck and Ezra get her off the horse, Ezra carrying her into the undertaker.

At night, by a campfire, Nathan and Vin are sitting, Vin is playing his harmonica, Nathan tells him it wasn't his fault, she died by Chanu's hands. Vin says yeah, but she'd still be alive if he hadn't let Chanu get away, that he thought he had a sense of him, knew who he was, but he's got a lot more hate in him than he figured. Nathan says, Vin, you're just a man, and every now and then a man can be wrong.

At the Indian village, Josiah goes up to where Kojay is standing, tells him things have taken a bad turn, Claire Mosely is dead. Kojay says he knows. Josiah says people have a way of getting worked up, it could get dangerous, not just for Chanu, he needs Kojay's help. Kojay tells Josiah he fought with his father. Josiah turns to stand next to Kojay, looking over the village, says yeah, they fought, more than they expected, he didn't think he practiced what he preached. Kojay says then he's like Chanu, who feels the same way about him. Josiah says maybe when he gets to be his age, he'll regret it like he does. Kojay says it is their belief that each person has their own path, that he didn't honor Chanu's path, he failed in his belief, just like Josiah's father failed in his. Balance has been lost, they must find it again. As Kojay walks away, Josiah asks if they can't find Chanu first and then balance themselves.

In the woods, Vin and Nathan are on the trail again, but they're being watched by an Indian. They stop short as they hear the crack of a broken branch, dismount, Vin pulls his gun, levers a round into the chamber, says he'll be right back. Nathan puts a hand on his arm, tells him he doesn't have to do this alone, Vin says yeah, he does. He advances slowly into the brush, sees one figure run cross the path, then another the other way. He thinks one must be Chanu, calls out, goes forward, only to be jumped by one of them. He comes up holding a knife, both the Indians have knives. Vin recognizes one, Jona'ey, says he's got no quarrel with those two, he's after Chanu who's wanted for murder. Jona'ey says then he'll be judged by his own people. Vin says some folks aren't going to let that happen. Jona'ey tells him to go back, now. Vin says he isn't going back without him. Jona'ey goes to throw his knife, Nathan is faster, throws his and hits Jona'ey in the back. The other Indian goes after Vin, but Vin throws him down and knocks him out. Vin tells Nathan he has good timing, Nathan says he has his moments. Nodding at Jona'ey, Vin says the bad news is that's Chanu's brother, next in line to be chief. Vin says they must be close to Chanu, otherwise those two wouldn't have gone to so much trouble to drive them away. Nathan says that sounds right. Vin says he's got a good idea where he's headed, he'll be needing water. Nathan tells Vin to go, he'll see to these two. At Vin's skeptical look, Nathan says he's not wounded bad, he'll take care of him, go on now. Vin heads out.

At the town cemetery, Mosely is speaking over Claire's coffin, saying that he shouldn't be the one presiding at his child's last rites, someone with love in their heart, with forgiveness, that's what Claire would want, what God would want, but he is no that person, he has nothing but rage in his heart. He gave everything he had to help those people, but that wasn't enough, they had to take his darling girl from him. Rafe says they should burn in hell. Mary tries to calm things, but Mosely says there's a murderer out there, could be hiding on the very reservation where his sweet Claire did her ministry. Townspeople are now getting riled up, say they should find him and hang him, Mary says don't do this, please, they can't condemn a whole people for the actions of one man. Mosely goes on inciting, says that if they allow this atrocity to pass, how many more will they face, whose child is next to an early grave. His job is done, the people are off to get guns.

Vin is walking along the trail, leading his horse, Chanu comes to a stream, stops to drink, Vin comes out from behind a bush where he was hiding. Chanu stands to face him, Vin asks if he's looking to die, Chanu says he's already dead, Vin says he doesn't want to do this, Chanu says he doesn't care any more. Vin tells him to stop moving, it's far enough. Chanu keeps walking closer, says just kill him, do it, Vin says he isn't going to shoot him, Chanu grabs the barrel of his gun, puts it against his chest, says to kill him, he doesn't care any more, reaches to choke Vin one handed, Vin pushes him off, they go down, roll around on the ground a bit, Vin says Chanu didn't kill her. Chanu says she's dead because of him. Vin says no, Chanu lied to him back at the jail, he took the girl because he wanted to protect her, the rocks he was piling up was a burial mound, wasn't it. Vin grabs Chanu, demands that he tell him why he did those things. Chanu looks at Vin, his face full of anguish and says that she was his wife. He loved her.

At the Indian village, those kids are still leading around the goat, and inside the sweat lodge Josiah and Kojay are among the men. Josiah wipes his brow, says he hopes Kojay's getting something, he's coming up empty. Kojay says Josiah's not listening. Josiah says he's been accused of that before. Kojay says by his father. Josiah asks if he told Kojay that. Kojay says just a lucky guess, he will speak to him when the anger's gone. Josiah says he's not angry at his father. Kojay tells him at himself. The spirits say he should trust Josiah. Josiah says he's with them. This about Claire Mosely? Kojay says yes, and the other. Josiah asks who, when Kojay doesn't answer, Josiah says if there's somebody else involved in this it's best he just tell him.

In town, Chris comes out of the saloon, confronts Ezra and Buck who are preparing to ride off, asks them where they're headed. Ezra says they thought they'd go after a murderer, since no one else seems interested. Chris says that's a load of bull. Buck says, look, they just don't think Vin is right for this particular job, it's not personal. Chris says it sounds personal to him. Mary comes running up, says she tried to stop it, but there were too many. Ezra asks to stop what, she says they're heading to the reservation to burn it down.

A bunch of vigilantes are riding toward the village, JD and Josiah are getting ready, Kojay is smiling. Josiah says it doesn't appear there's much to smile at. Kojay says things are as they should be, the spirits will send help. JD says if this is their idea of help, he'd hate to see a hindrance. Rafe dismounts at the head of the mob, walks forward to meet Kojay, asks where Chanu is. Kojay says he's not there. Rafe says to tell him where he is. Josiah steps up, says maybe those good Samaritans should take the party out of there. Mosely has stepped up next to Rafe, says to Josiah that he calls himself a man of God, but he's a heathen. Josiah says they can't all be as pure as Mosely. Rafe says he's going to search the reservation till he finds him, then he's going to find a tall tree.

A rifle fires, and Ezra and Buck come walking in, as does Chris. Buck tells the folks to go on home, there's nothing there for them. Mosely says not to let these gunslinging scoundrels prevent justice, they're sinners, all of them. Ezra asks Buck if that was intended as an insult. Vin and Nathan come riding in with Chanu, Jona'ey and the other Indian, dismount and move to the middle of the crowd. Vin tells them Chanu didn't kidnap Claire, they were married, they ran off together. Mosely says how dare you! Chris asks if he has proof, Vin says it's the truth. Chanu was away getting water when the girl was killed. Rafe says we're not listening to this, are we? Vin goes on, the man who strangled her had strong hands, he broke Chanu's wrist during the fight at the jail. Nathan says it would be impossible for him to leave the marks he saw on both sides of Claire's neck. Rafe asks who else could have done it. Vin looks at Mosely, says he trailed Chanu from the ranch, but he got further than he said, the campfire they came across, that was his, he found Claire alone at the camp and he killed her. Mosely yells that it's a lie. Vin says he'd share his God with them, but not his daughter. Mosely goes for a gun, says in the name of the devil, he'll send him where he belongs. Chris shoots Mosely in the hand, making him drop the gun. Josiah and Kojay step forward, Josiah says repent ye, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand, in front of God and all us sinners, tell us she didn't beg for your blessing. Mosely says no, no, you're wrong. Josiah says tell us you accepted the baby she was carrying, Kojay told me, your own grandchild. It was a demon from hell, Mosely shouts. Rafe says pa? Mosely says it wasn't like they think, he turned her against us, against God, he just wanted to talk to her, she wouldn't listen, she pushed him away, and he...he didn't mean for it to happen. Rafe goes nuts, attacks his father, gets a gun, aims at his father. Josiah grabs his arm, tells him if he kills him he becomes him, is that what he wants? Rafe lowers his arm, Josiah says to take Mosely to the jail. The mob is now quiet and take Mosely away.

Everyone is preparing to leave, Chanu is giving Vin a gift, a medicine bag, he thanks Chanu and they clasp arms, left handed. As Vin settles his hat on his head, Buck hands Vin the reins for his horse. Vin thanks him, and they exchange a look, understanding the implicit apology. Chris is heading out, Josiah, too, riding with both arms out wide, says he's got his balance back. Chanu puts a hand on Kojay's shoulder as we watch the seven ride out...

...and we fade to black.