Opens on a dark scene, dynamite sticks roped to a whimpering body. Bad Guy with Cheroot is complaining that the money is burnt. The body is Powderman, tied up and left with the dynamite, which Bad Guy lights. Bad Guy and his gang walk away, leaving Powderman in building as it blows up.

It's a beautiful sunrise, and Buck and Nathan are out on a ridge. Buck is complaining that it's too early, that they were being paid to protect a town, not escort prisoners. Says he should be in bed snuggling with Blossom Call. Nathan says at least he won't lose his boots now. Buck agrees, and says that Blossom's fellow shows up when you least expect him.

They meet with the prison wagon to take charge of the prisoner. Wagon is unlocked, out steps a woman, Terri Greer. Young and pretty and Buck's hormones are in action. He's all of a sudden in charge of the party, being charming, helping Nathan help with the luggage, goes to the wagon to get "one more thing" and gets his nose punched. Guns are drawn, but it's the woman's daughter, Olivia, age 6. When Terri asks Olivia what she should say, she says Buck should learn to duck.

Roll opening credits.

They're riding back, Terri on the spare horse they'd brought along, Olivia up in front of Buck. Olivia is being a typical kid, asking when they're going to be there, how long, etc. Then asks if Buck's mustache is real. He says she should pull it. She does. Hard.

In town, there's a Treasury wagon pulling in, escorted by mounted soldiers. They stop at the bank, show their paperwork to the banker and unload.

Buck, Nathan and Terri ride in, Buck still doing his most charming best with Terri.

As they ride in and get off their horses, we also see some suspicious looking characters riding around or standing on the boardwalk. As they see the three ride in, nods are exchanged between the various suspicious characters.

Terri goes off with Nathan, but Buck ends up with her suitcase to assure seeing her later. He also gets Olivia down off his horse. Olivia isn't pleased with all the flirting. Asks Buck if he's going to be her new daddy. He says that isn't his plan. She says if he isn't planning on marrying her to stop looking at her that way. She also manages to steal his pocket watch and put it in her keepsake box, which she always has clutched in her hands.

Inside the Clarion office, Mary tells Terri that she's got everything set up, a room at the hotel and an interview at the general store over in Bitter Creek. Terri thought there was something here, wants Olivia in school. Mary says the town isn't ready for kids yet. Terri says she's not ungrateful. Tells her story of why she ended up in prison for robbery after her husband died. Mary sympathizes, she lost her husband, her kid lives with his grandparents. While they talk, Olivia is helping herself to a few of the steel type from Mary's press.

Bad Guy with Cheroot comes in, introduces himself as Morgan Hill, says he's going to be opening a store, wants a rate sheet for placing an ad. Terri is spooked by seeing him, when he leaves, she asks if she could leave Olivia while she goes to buy a few things. Mary says yes, sure. Olivia is hungry, though, and Mary asks Buck and Nathan to take her for a meal at the restaurant.

Buck can't find his pocket watch. It's a family heirloom, his grandfather's. Nathan says he'll get it back, he got his boots back after all. Buck says, yeah, but he knew where they were. Nathan asks Olivia what she has in the box. She says it's a secret. Nathan says she can tell him and Buck, they won't tell anyone, she says but then it won't be a secret. Buck says see how young they start with the secrets?

As they're walking along, Olivia stops to watch some kids playing with a barrel hoop, then ducks under the saloon doors and inside, unseen by Buck and Nathan. They come back to the saloon and find her, then stop and talk to Chris, telling him that this, meaning Olivia, is what they picked up. Chris says he didn't know they were picking up a woman. Buck asks if they're damn babysitters now. JD takes exception to the language around a child, Buck says she's not a child she's a hellion. Nathan says Buck's just upset because he lost his pocket watch. His father's watch, an heirloom, his grandfather's watch. JD says he saw Buck win the watch in a poker game the week before. Buck said it still had sentimental value.

Olivia wanders up to watch Ezra and the poker game in progress. There's an impatient player who asks if Ezra is going to deal the cards or get a real job. Ezra says he gets paid every time they sit down for a game.

Out on the boardwalk, Chris is confronting Mary, says she should have told them it was a woman they were picking up. Mary says she didn't think it made a difference. Chris says what a man don't know can get him killed. She says he should read the paper, how they're making real progress, there's new money in town. He says it's too much progress, he's beginning to feel out of place.

Morgan and Terri are walking along. He's saying how things have not gone well since they parted company. She says her daughter and she have been given a second chance. He asks her how she thinks she got on the parole list, he still knows which palms to grease. He's been waiting for her to get out, watching the bank, the federal loan money that's only going to be there for a few days. If she doesn't do this for him, she has no future. He takes her over to the bank where he pretends to be a businessman ready to deposit a large sum. Wants to see the vault for security. Of course, the banker shows it off to them.

Back at the saloon, the poker game is going on. Impatient player beats Ezra's king high with an ace high. Ezra comments that fortune must be smiling on the guy. Olivia, who has been watching, says nope, he's been palming cards. Ezra says he knows. Mr. Impatient takes offense at being called a cheater. Ezra says he cheated badly, that the queen he was dealt is in his right boot. Guns are drawn all over the saloon. Ezra's sleeve gun, Mr. Impatient's gun, Vin and JD at the bar. Mr. Impatient decides taking his leave would be wise, asks how Ezra knew. Ezra says lessons cost extra.

Buck grabs up Olivia saying how she almost got them all killed, hands her to Nathan, then goes out looking for Terri. Finds her, starts to tell her she needs to take charge of Olivia, but he is caught up when Morgan comes back. They pull a gun on Buck, but decide not to have a dustup in front of the bank, they'll take Buck along with them and then get their answers from him.

JD now seems to be in charge of Olivia, they're walking along the boardwalk.

Terri and Morgan and Buck and the gang are coming the other way, with the gun still on Buck. Buck sees JD and shakes his head no. JD grabs up Olivia and hides behind some crates. Morgan asks where the kid is, Terri says she's not here, Morgan says he just saw her, Terri says she's gone now. They put Buck on a horse not his and ride out, stopping under some trees a distance out of town.

One of the gang comments that Buck and Terri appear more than friendly. Buck says to Terri that these guys look like they want to turn him on a spit. She apologizes to Buck, says he does go on at the mouth a bit, but doesn't seem like a bad person. He asks what they have in mind, she tells him, robbing the bank. He asks where she comes in, she says she's the cracksman, the safecracker. He says she should tell the gang that they've worked together before.

Morgan comes up, wants to know who the hell Buck is. Buck gives his name, when asked where he's from he is vague, equally vague about his profession. Terri speaks up and says Buck is one of the best powdermen she's ever worked with. Morgan questions when she worked with Buck, she says before Morgan, he thought she worked with her husband before that. Morgan says he doesn't need a powderman. Terri says if Morgan wants her, he gets Buck. Buck's with her. Morgan notes how prison has given Terri new dimensions, made her bold, but reminds her he's not one to be crossed. Back with the gang, Morgan says he guesses it's okay to keep Buck around a while, at least until they get the real insurance keeper. Tells the gang boys to go to town and find Olivia.

Back in town, Olivia is telling Vin and Chris that they've got to get her momma back. Vin tells her they're going to. Vin and Chris mount up and ride out, telling JD to take Olivia to the church and have Josiah keep an eye on her. As they head there, Olivia complains that JD didn't try to fight the men who took her momma. JD says he's no match for 5 men, not to say he isn't fast, this side of Chris Larabee, he's about the fastest hereabouts, but it's safety in numbers. As he spins his gun, he notices his cufflinks are missing, asks Olivia if she's seen them, she looks guilty and asks him what cufflinks are.

Vin and Chris are out following the bad guys, see that they're about to cross the border. Chris says the odds are right, they should take them. Vin is looking through his glass, sees the other half of the gang show up, says the odds have changed. Hands his glass to Chris for a look. Chris says they'll have to wait for them to settle in down there. Vin asks Chris how is Spanish is. Chris says "no bueno" and asks Vin about his. Vin asks what "no bueno" means. Nonetheless, they head on after the gang.

Back in town, at the church, Josiah and Nathan are working on unboarding a window. Ezra asks Olivia how she knew the man was cheating. She says she learned to spot a double deal in prison. Ezra says there should be a way to put a God given talent like that to use. Nathan asks why Ezra always has to wrap an angle on someone else's pain. Ezra says it's not pain, that this child has the gift.

Olivia asks if her momma was taken because she'd been in prison. Nathan says that could well be. Josiah says in prison you cross paths with a lot of people who don't have your best interests at heart. Olivia asks if that means she won't get a second chance. Nathan says if they have anything to do with it, she will. Ezra asks Olivia what her pleasure is, Go Fish? Olivia says five card stud, deuces wild. Ezra is enchanted. Josiah comments that Olivia will win.

On a ridge over the Mexican village, Vin is telling Chris about the town, Purgatorio. When he was a bounty hunter, just desperadoes there, no one with a badge would come within a bullet's distance. A real hell-hole. Chris thinks it sounds like fun. Vin says they're going to hell anyway, so they head in.

As they ride along the street, Vin is telling about his run in with Bob Harper. The Bob Harper. It was a bad time for his gun to stick. In front of them, couple of men are standing, guns drawn, one shoots the other. No one seems to care except for a couple of guys who get coins tossed to them to take the body away. Chris comments that at least they keep the streets clean. Vin says he took in the cuss who got shot once, and the cuss who shot him too, that his whole gang knows him. Chris says if Vin stays there, he'll be deader than a beaver hat by morning. Vin says he'll take the chance, but Chris won't. Tells him to go back, if they're not back by morning, to come hunting. They clasp hands and Vin turns and rides out.

Inside the cantina, Buck is sitting alone at a table. Terri and Morgan are at another table, he's going on about how good things used to be, how after this big heist that they can retire to South America. She says no, her life is with Olivia now. He says she's changed a lot since he found her. She corrects him, he didn't find her, he arrested her. While they're talking, Chris walks in, sees Buck, goes over to the bar to wait. Morgan goes on, says Kansas City was a long time back, she says her father and husband both died because of Morgan. He says he can provide for her, can give her a future. She says he can do what he wants, but it won't be with her. She's through. Morgan is pissed, orders one of his boys to take Buck out and shoot him.

Chris takes this as his cue, screams at Buck that Buck killed his brother, shot him in the back, and he's here to kill him. Grabs Buck up, throws him against the bar, over a table, stomps on him, flings him out into the street. Buck kneels up, says go ahead, just shoot straight. Chris takes two shots and Buck keels over, dead(ish). Chris cuts his own hand to leave a blood mark on Buck's vest, leans down to put the mark on, pretending to check that Buck is dead. Assured that Buck is dead, he gets up and goes back into the cantina. Morgan prods Buck with his boot, seems satisfied that Buck is dead, tosses coins to the street cleaners to deal with the body. They swipe Buck's boots and gun-belt before he's even off the street. Morgan is pleased that his problem with Buck is solved.

Inside the cantina, Chris is leaning on the bar, demanding tequila, right now. Morgan comes up to lean next to him, comments on the show. Asks if he can share the tequila. Chris doesn't care, Morgan is paying for it. Morgan sympathises about the loss of kin, how there isn't any justice. Chris says he makes his own justice. Morgan asks if he's in the habit of shooting people, Chris says he's in the habit of doing anything he wants. Morgan says he admires that in a man, looks at Chris and asks, would I know you? Chris looks at Morgan, asking back, would I know you? Morgan offers his name, Morgan Coltrane, was a sheriff over in Missouri, could use a man like Chris in his business, the business of making money. Chris is interested in joining him. They go to a table to talk.

Back in town, Morgan's men are still looking for Olivia. They see JD walking with Mary, holding a doll, they follow. Olivia is still with Ezra and Josiah in the church, playing cards. Josiah thinks Ezra has met his match. When JD and Mary enter, Ezra and Josiah pull guns on them, Josiah recommends they knock next time. JD gives Olivia the doll, and she's underwhelmed but polite.

In Purgatorio, the undertaker is putting the lid on Buck's coffin. Buck throws the lid off and sits up and the undertaker runs off.

In the cantina, Chris and Morgan are talking about the bank job, how there's some hired guns that help out in the town sometimes. Chris says he's in, gets up and is eager to get on the way. Morgan says hold on, cowboy, within the hour. Chris goes to the door of the cantina, looks around, sees Buck outside in a serape and Mexican hat. They nod to each other. Chris sits down outside and Morgan comes out and introduces Terri to him, asks him to keep an eye on her. Terri says whatever Buck did to his brother Chris didn't have to kill Buck, and Chris answers that Buck is in a better place now.

Buck finds his jacket hanging over a Mexican saddle, grabs it and puts it on. A man comes walking along and he's wearing Buck's boots and hat and gun, Buck knocks the guy out and takes back his things along with taking the man's burrito and eating it. Buck heads out on horseback.

In town, Olivia and Josiah are talking about the cows in India and how they're sacred. Olivia says she wishes her father was a missionary, but that she never knew her father. They talk more about India and the mythology. Josiah falls asleep while they're talking. Olivia gets up and heads outside, goes down the street and into an empty barn building where she finds a draft collar hung up with a rope like a swing. Two of Morgan's men follow her. Vin rides up and goes into the church, wakes Josiah and they notice she's gone. Josiah, Ezra and Vin all go hunting frantically for her. while she's playing on the swing, Morgan's men grab her and take her. JD sees them taking her, runs after them, one of the men stops and throws a knife, impaling JD in the chest. He crawls out and fires a shot to alert them that he saw Olivia being taken.

Nathan cares for JD in the church under candlelight. Buck comes in and asks what happened. Ezra says long story. They ask where Chris is, Buck says with the gang preparing to rob the bank. Long story. All except JD and Nathan head out to find Olivia. Morgan's gang comes riding in, Ezra recognizes them as Coltrane and his gang, they get out of sight.

Morgan shows Terri where Olivia is being held by one of the gang in a hotel room, they see her from the street in the window. Buck and Ezra see this also and head in to the saloon (the room must be over the saloon).

Terri walks by the bank, greeting the soldier, they disarm the soldier, take his clothes and one of the gang puts on his coat and hat to make things look normal. Chris and Morgan stand in front of Terri while she picks the door lock. Once inside, Chris is with Terri while she works on the barred door, tells her Mary is a friend of his and that Buck isn't dead, his death was staged. Terri says even if she believes him, they've got her daughter. Morgan calls in from where he's standing guard to ask if they're talking or working. Chris tells Morgan to relax, tells Terri to just play it out. She gets the door open and goes in to start on the safe.

In the room, Olivia sits on the bed, one gang member is watching out the window, the other in a chair. Smoke is coming in from the under the door, they open the door to find the rug outside on fire, they stomp on it to put it out. Buck gets the drop on the guy and Ezra backs him up, they take out both the bad guys and get Olivia. Buck also finds his pocket watch in her box of secrets.

Terri gets the safe open, which is full of Treasury cash, they start to pull it off shelves and into a bag, head outside, the gang has come in with horses. Chris sees Olivia with Buck in the window, tells Terri she's safe and pulls her away from the gang. The rest of the Seven go after the gang as they try to get away. Vin ropes one right off his horse. Morgan rides down the center of the street, straight at Chris who stands still, shooting at him, and after about four shots, shoots Morgan dead off his horse. Olivia comes running out for a tearful reunion with her mother.

The next morning, Mary is saying goodbye to Terri, that Bitter Creek isn't that far away and she'll be checking on her progress. Buck stoops down to talk to Olivia, tell her that pickpocketing is a habit she'll have to give up. Mary tells Chris that the money means a lot, kept hope alive for the farmers. Progress. Chris, Buck and Vin watch the stage leave. Buck says it's good he played dead so well, but that he probably could have handled the situation himself. Chris says he should have shot him when he had the chance. Vin is looking down the road, asks Buck what time he's got. Buck searches his pockets, then looks at the departing stage and sees Olivia leaning out, holding his pocket watch, laughing. He runs after the stage, yelling, as we...

fade to black and roll end credits.