Crime and Punishment

Written for Heathenseyes for the 2008 Ficathon. Request/prompt: Ezra/Vin, the smuttier the better.

When he felt the first sting on the side of his neck, Ezra thought little of it. He was holding two-pair and an ace, his attention far more focused on judging if the man across the table from him was bluffing or if he really could have three of a kind.

When the second sting came, this time to his cheek, he raised his hand to touch the spot, but felt nothing unusual. It was too sharp a feeling to be a mosquito, and the fly population was low at the moment. A quick glance around the saloon showed nothing unusual. Shrugging, Ezra turned back to his cards and the game. There was real money at stake here, and he couldn't afford to be distracted.

The next time he felt that odd sharp sting was a day later, he was sitting outside on the boardwalk with a cup of coffee. What the hell was going on?

The third time it happened, he was sure it had to be something other than a bug. It was mid-morning and the saloon was nearly deserted. This time he might be able to figure it out. Ignoring the sting, he pretended to read, but kept surreptitious watch on all the corners, doors and windows to see if he could catch the perpetrator. In considering the problem over the past few days, he'd come to suspect one of the local children. What he wasn't expecting was what he finally caught sight of from the corner of his eye. Nearly perfectly hidden under the stairs was one Vin Tanner, pea-shooter in his hand, grin on his face.

So that was how it was. Spring fever had brought out the imp in the man, and now it was up to Ezra to exact revenge. And, oh, his revenge would be sweet.

Two days later, Ezra was ready to put his plan in motion. He started the day like any other, not so early that it would raise suspicions, yet not so late that the plan wouldn't be accomplished. He shaved and dressed, smiling when he realized he was humming contentedly. Yes, this was going to be an exceptionally good day. Coffee and some breakfast along with some cheerful conversation with the few people in the saloon, then he made his way to the livery, stopping at Mrs. Potter's store for a few special items along the way.

He took care to mention to Tiny that he was riding out for a bit, in fact, had managed to mention it to everyone he spoke to. Some had shrugged in disinterest, others had wished him a pleasant ride, but it accomplished what he wanted, a number of people knew he was going out.

As he rode out of town, he was most fortunate to see J.D. sitting in front of the jail. He waved cheerily, and when J.D. called to him, asking where he was going, he said, "Oh, just out for a ride."

Perfect. Ezra couldn't have set that up better if he'd tried. Now for the next stage of the plan. Once he was out of sight of town, he pushed his horse into a ground covering lope. Within an hour he was at the old Reynold's place. Vacant since the family left the territory, it was perfect for his plan.

Going straight into the barn, he dismounted, looking around. A sturdy structure, it had all the features he needed. Now to set the stage. He pulled his bedroll, saddlebags and rifle off his saddle, then tied a loose knot in the reins to keep them from falling and dragging as he looped them back over his horse's neck. Walking the horse out to the front gate of the yard, Ezra stepped back, shouting as he gave it a big slap on the rump.

He grinned wide. The horse had taken off at a gallop, would probably slow a bit, but no doubt would end up back in town in about an hour. With the reins tied as they were, he knew the assumption would be that he got off to get water and that the horse simply ran off. He also knew that Vin would insist on coming to find him alone, with the stated intention of making a joke at his expense.

"Little does he know," Ezra said to himself. With plenty of time to wait for Vin to come to his rescue, he had a few things to do, so he slipped off his jacket and picked up a pitch-fork and got to work.

It was past noon when Ezra finally heard a horse galloping up the road, following his deliberately obvious trail. Closing up his book, he drew his gun and hid inside the barn behind the door.

"Ezra!" Vin called out loudly. "You around here?" Ezra made no sound as he listened to Vin searching the yard, and heard his boots on the porch as he tested the front door. "Damn you, if you got yourself hurt..." Vin was now coming to the barn, and Ezra tensed as he waited. The door swung open, concealing him even more as Vin strode into the center of the barn.

His moment had come. Drawing back the hammer of his pistol, he stepped out from the shadows. Vin had tensed at the noise, not moving a muscle. "Drop your gun-belt, Mr. Tanner," Ezra ordered, "and be careful how you move as you do that."

Very slowly, Vin moved one hand to unbuckle his gun-belt, holding it out to his side and dropping it to the ground.

"Excellent." Ezra stepped forward until he was close enough to Vin's back to touch him, and touch him he did, shoving the gun barrel hard against him. "If you will keep still, I have something for you." He reached his free hand up and flipped Vin's hat off his head, then pulled the burlap sack free from where he'd hung it on his belt, maneuvering it over Vin's head.

"Don't hardly need a sack on my head," Vin muttered, "I know it's you, Ezra."

"Hush, now. You'll keep quiet and do as you're told. I've had quite enough of your pranks these past weeks." Backing away slowly, Ezra picked up Vin's gun and took it with him as he closed the barn door and picked up his rifle. He smiled when Vin jumped as he jacked a shell into the chamber. "I may not be as adept a marksman as your fine self, sir, but I doubt I can miss at this range, so I suggest you consider that before refusing any of my requests."

"I'll do what you say," Vin said softly.

Damn right you will, Ezra thought. "You can start by removing all your clothes."

Vin straightened up and stood stiffly for a long moment, then started by shrugging out of his heavy hide coat. Ezra never did understand why Vin was always concealing himself under layers of leather, but today, at least, the concealment would be removed. Next, Vin slid off his suspenders, letting them hang from his waist. One by one, his shirt buttons were opened until it hung loose from his shoulders.

"I gotta sit down. Can't take my boots off unless I do."

"Very well," Ezra agreed. "Sit down, but only until your boots are off." He stepped closer to Vin, watching carefully for any stealthy move to a hidden weapon, but none was seen. When Vin was back on his feet, Ezra stepped closer still. "You're doing nicely. Keep it up."

"What the hell is this all about?"

Pressing the muzzle of the rifle into Vin's back, Ezra leaned close to Vin. "You know perfectly well. Now be quiet and finish." He moved back a few steps, if only to have a better view as actual flesh was made bare.

First the calico shirt dropped to the ground, allowing the subdued light in the barn to glint off the hard, rippling muscles of Vin's back and shoulders. Even clothed, the lean lines of Vin's waist and the swell of his ass were enticing. But now, as Vin undid the buttons of his pants and let them drop, Ezra licked his lips.

Kicking out of his pants, Vin turned toward Ezra. "This enough, or you want socks, too?"

"Oh, I think that will do fine." More than fine. Whatever Vin's mind thought of what was happening, his body was thinking something quite different. The arch of his half-hard cock showed how he really felt.

"Put your hands together in front of you." Vin did as he was asked, and Ezra took a short length of cord and tied his hands together at the wrists. Using the cord as a guide, he pulled Vin to one of the barn's support beams where he'd secured a hook. "Now reach up." Again, Vin complied, and the cord was caught over the hook, making Vin stand with his arms fully extended, his back to the support beam. "Wait here for me," Ezra said, grinning.

This was better than he'd planned. Vin would pay for his transgressions, and pay dearly. And Ezra would enjoy every last minute of it. He stepped back far enough to be out of Vin's reach and stripped out of his own clothes, grabbing up the special items he'd gotten from Mrs. Potter.

"You've been a very bad boy," he whispered to Vin, through the burlap sack still over Vin's head, "and I intend to punish you." He ran a finger up Vin's leg, starting at the knee, up the front of his thigh, skirting the brush of pubic hair, over the twitching abdomen and up to a nipple, where he stopped and pinched it, holding on. "Do you understand?"

"Yes." It was barely a whisper, and judging from the now fully hard state of Vin's cock, could have been a plea.

The illicit thrill of having this man at his mercy excited Ezra, his own cock standing proud from his body. He touched himself, a few quick strokes, then brought his hand back to Vin's body.

"Yes," Ezra said, "you do understand." Moving to stand against Vin, chest to chest, cock to cock, Ezra held onto Vin's ass with both hands, pulling hard as he ground against the other man, pushing away suddenly when it felt like too much too soon.

A deep chuckle from Vin angered him. "You think that's funny?" He spun Vin around to face the beam, reaching back to grab the leather strop from behind him, swinging it hard against Vin's ass. The small grunt helped ease his anger, and he swung again, not as hard, but elicited another pleasing grunt. He didn't really want to whip Vin, not this time, but the man had gone too far.

Steady swings reddened Vin's ass, creating a beautiful coloration to highlight the flesh. He had his hand back for another stroke when Vin dropped his head into the beam and nearly sobbed his name. "Ezra. Why?"

Ezra dropped the strop and moved close to Vin, his hands on Vin's hips. "You know why."

Vin shook his head. "No. Maybe. Was it the poker game?"

"If I have to tell you, you haven't learned your lesson." He reached around to Vin's flagging cock and stroked it back to fullness. "You are learning well, though. Maybe it's time for your reward." He stepped back to reach for the grease, slicking himself up liberally, then moved in to unhook Vin's hands. "On your knees." Vin dropped to the ground, his ass high in front of Ezra in supplication. "Beautiful." He rammed his cock hard into Vin's ass, embracing Vin's body as he reared up at the pain, holding them both still as it faded.

"Now, dammit." Demanding bastard, Ezra thought. But he wanted it, too, maybe more than Vin did, so as Vin settled forward onto his elbows, Ezra held on to Vin's hips, pounding into him harder with each stroke and with each sound from Vin, sweat dripping from him over Vin's back, the gleam of Vin's own sweat and bunching muscles more perfect than any artwork.

Pound, pound, pound. Grunting breaths. The slap of skin on skin. Now, now, harder, harder, and suddenly Vin's body was clenched around him, Vin's keening was the signal for him, and he exploded, driving deeper as his body spasmed its release, and when it was over, he fell on top of Vin, his weight carrying them both down.


Someone was talking to him. He didn't want to talk. "Go away."

"I can't."

Vin. It was Vin talking. And, he realized, Vin was the warm wiggly thing he was lying on top of. "Oh." He moved enough to slide off Vin, his cock pulling free with a wet noise, and he wanted to laugh. Sex was such a silly thing, but it felt so damned good.

"Can I take off the sack now?"

Now Ezra did laugh. "Of course." In fact, he reached up and pulled it off himself, then untied the cord from Vin's hands. Burrowing his fingers into Vin's hair, he pulled him down for a deep, searching kiss. Too tired to move, they settled there in the barn, bare-ass naked, curled around each other, small touches soothing.

Vin finally spoke. "Was the poker game too much?"

Ezra kissed Vin's forehead. "No. You know perfectly well, where money is involved, my concentration is absolute."


The silence stretched out between them, long and warm and comfortable.

"The gun surprised me."

Yes, Ezra thought, it probably did. That part of the game was usually Vin's.

"And I ain't using damn pea-shooters ever again. You got any idea how hard it is to shoot accurate with them things?"

Laughing, Ezra rolled on top of Vin, grinning down at him. "What the hell am I supposed to do with you?"

"Whip my ass and fuck me hard when I need it, I suppose."