Inspired by HGTV and a discussion on Live Journal. Rick, this is your fault.
This was going to be a one-off bit of gratuitous smut, but it grew A Plot and eventually will be the epilog to an as yet unwritten Escorts AU novel chock full of murder, blackmail, kidnapping and other assorted mayhem, much of it directed at Ezra.

"Something wrong, Buck?"

Looking up from the diagrams and paint chips in his hands, Buck shook his head at Vin. "No, not really." He dropped the bits back into the manila envelope. "Just didn't realize losing a bet could be this complicated."

"Did I hear someone talking about losing a bet?" Ezra joined the conversation, handing a fresh cup of coffee to Vin before easing one hip onto the arm of the couch next to him.

"Buck was," Vin told him. "Don't exactly know the stakes, but looks like it has something to do with paint."

"Really?" Ezra leaned in, interested and amused. "Do share the details."

Buck leaned back in his chair. "Nothing to tell. Chris and I were playing some ball, got into a friendly game with some folks and ended up saying we'd paint their clubhouse if we lost." He shrugged. "And we lost."

"Aw, hell, that don't seem too bad." Vin grinned at Buck. "Tell you what, we'll come help you with it."

Laughing at the appalled look on his partner's face, Vin leaned into Ezra's hip. "Little paint never hurt anyone."

"I'm quite aware of that," Ezra said, "but I don't recall being on the losing end of the bet."

"No," Vin said quietly, "but there could be other things you lose if you don't help." He looked at Ezra until the man turned and met his eyes. "You probably don't want to risk that."

Ezra closed his eyes and groaned. "Tell us when and where, Buck. Or should we be calling you Tom Sawyer?"

Saturday. Saturday morning. Much earlier than he wanted to be up on Saturday morning. Much earlier than he would have been up except for the strident alarm Vin had set. Not just set but guarded so he couldn't turn it off.

"Rise and shine!" Vin was entirely too cheerful some mornings. The one thing he counted on, though, was when Vin wanted him to do something this early, rich, hot coffee was brewed and served to him in bed. It almost made up for some of the weekend activities Vin roped him into. To be honest, it more than made up for the activities, but he'd never admit that he actually enjoyed the projects Vin did. It was much more fun being cajoled or threatened.

Ezra took the steaming mug of coffee from Vin and tried to hook a hand around Vin's neck to pull him down on the bed, but Vin twisted away, laughing.

Chris followed Buck into the rambling old house, past the front parlor and on to what used to be the dining room. It was a huge room with high ceilings and dark wood paneling covering the lower half of the walls. The upper half of the walls was newly repaired, plastered and primed, and all the furniture was pulled to the center of the room and covered with canvas dust sheets.

Buck stopped just inside the door and Chris stepped up behind him, slipping his arms around Buck's waist. "You didn't tell them."

"No," Buck agreed, "I wanted it to be a surprise."

The ring of the doorbell interrupted them, and Buck grinned at Chris. "This is going to be good."

At the door, Vin was grinning and Ezra was shaking his head. "What club, which I doubt would have you as a member, incidentally, does this pile belong to?" Ezra asked sternly.

"This pile, as you put it, belongs to us," Chris said.


Buck could sense the wheels turning in Ezra's head and wanted to laugh. Chris and he had hidden the purchase from the general books, not because of the finances, but because it would be more special as a surprise.

"Really," Buck said. "Come on in and see today's project."

Buck and Chris held back and let Ezra and Vin into the room ahead of them. Ezra stopped just inside the door, damn near open mouthed as he looked around the room.

"A library." Ezra swung around to look at Buck. "I've wanted a library for so long."

"I know." Buck ruffled Ezra's hair, just because Ezra hated it, and smiled. "But before you can admire it, we need to paint it." He shoved the two men further into the room. "Vin helped us pick out paint for you." That comment bought Vin a quick glare from Ezra. "And it's one of those fancy techniques you admire. Going to take three coats of paint to get it done, so better strip down and into those coveralls over there." He pointed to the disposable white painter's coveralls lying in a heap next to the cans of paint, trays and rollers.

"You know, Buck, there's really no need to strip down to wear these." Ezra held up one of the coveralls, its flimsy bagginess letting it wave in his hands.

"Yeah," Buck smiled, "but that wouldn't be near the fun, would it?"

"Probably not," Ezra agreed with a smile, and stripped down to his briefs before slipping on the coverall.

Painting really could be fun, Buck decided, especially with this crew, and even more especially when they barely wore their coveralls. Vin and Ezra had pulled theirs on and snapped up the openings only to the waist, leaving the top hanging behind them, their upper bodies naked. Chris pulled his all the way on, but left the front open, baring only his chest. Buck did the same with his.

Three layers of paint before the red-brown leather effect was done, and in the process, paint found its way onto chests and faces, even into hair, but the best result was the smiles on Ezra's and Vin's faces.

He eased up behind Chris, slid his arms around his waist and leaned forward, whispering in Chris's ear. "We done good, hoss."

Chris leaned back against him, tilting his head up and back for a kiss. "You done good. I was just along for the ride."

He held on to Chris, pressing against his back, against his hard muscled buttocks, swaying slightly from side to side, the friction causing the most delicious feeling to grow in him. "Look at them," he whispered in Chris's ear.

Ezra and Vin were sitting on the floor, on the dust sheets. Grinning and giggling like kids, they were wiping at the paint stains on each other, playing at cleaning up, but really tickling and teasing.

"Yeah," Chris whispered back, "good to see them like that."

Vin hooked a hand around Ezra's neck and pulled him in hard for a kiss, then let go and laughed as both of them felt for bruised or split lips where they'd been crushed between two sets of teeth. Slower, they kissed again, gentle but greedy, joined only at the mouth as they sat. For a moment, Vin pulled back enough to whisper something to Ezra, something that made him grin and laugh and then dive forward onto Vin, pushing him to his back on the floor.

"Good to see them like that, too," Buck said as he pulled Chris tighter against him, slipping one hand into the open coverall to feel the skin of Chris's belly. As always, it was soft and warm over the hard muscles and twitched with the slightest of ticklishness.

Ezra was stretched out over Vin, easy and relaxed between Vin's legs, kissing as if he'd missed being able to kiss Vin for months. It hadn't been months, but being able to be this relaxed had been some time ago. Ezra was supporting himself on his elbows while Vin's hands roamed his back, caressing and stroking, then stopping to grab and hold, then back to moving everywhere he could reach.

Chris made a noise half between a sigh and a moan. Buck loved how much Chris loved to watch these two. His own voyeurism was more complicated, needing to watch Chris watch them, but this was the best way, holding Chris, touching him while they both watched Vin and Ezra. What had started as a slow burn was now fully lit, and he shifted enough to rearrange himself in his shorts. That was it, now he fit perfectly against Chris, his dick nestled in the valley of Chris's buttocks, comfortable despite the clothes they still wore.

As things heated up between them, Ezra started moving against Vin, the flex and clench of his muscles with each slow thrust showing through the coverall. Vin now had a hand grabbed hard onto one of Ezra's ass cheeks, pulling down with each thrust. The contrast of the slow thrusting and the almost desperate kissing was beautiful.

Buck slipped his hand into Chris's briefs, spreading his palm over his dick and pushing against him from behind. Been a long time for them, too, just rubbing and playing and watching. Chris shoved back hard into him, and Buck held on, capturing Chris between his groin and his hand.

Now Vin had his legs splayed wide, his knees up, one foot hooked between Ezra's legs. He was making soft noises against Ezra's mouth. Still thrusting slowly, Ezra was swallowing all Vin's sounds, looking like a starving man at a feast. The sheen of sweat put the muscles of his back in high relief with each flex and bunch.

He could feel Chris breathing faster as the scene in front of them got him hotter. Buck didn't have to do much as Chris moved, pushing back against his dick, then shoving forward against Buck's hand. He coiled his hand loosely around Chris's dick, loving the feel of it moving in his grip.

Thrusting faster now, Ezra was intent on Vin, kissing between breaths, holding on for life itself. Both Vin's hands were gripping Ezra's ass, pulling with each thrust, pushing up against him, grunting with the rhythm of their body motion. Ezra was quieter, breathy sighs filling the moments between the joining of their mouths.

"Fuck," Chris breathed, pushing harder into Buck's hand, demanding and getting more as Buck stroked him, his grip tight. Shifting slightly, Buck thrust fast and hard against Chris's ass.

"Yesyesyesyes!" The litany fell from Vin's lips as he arched against Ezra, his hands white-knuckled in their grip on Ezra's ass, the tendons in his neck standing out as his head fell back and his body spasmed as he came. Ezra moved fast, hard, in short thrusts, his forehead on Vin's shoulder, jerking and trembling as he pushed to finish, an instant of stillness and a choking sob, and he collapsed on Vin's chest.

His body took over for him, thrusting hard and fast against Chris, pushing Chris's dick into his hand, and he caught it all, the throb of completion, the jizz in his hand warm and sticky and he gave in to it, holding Chris tight to his chest and groin as his body exploded.

Vin was holding Ezra, touching, stroking, calming, kissing again, but not desperate this time. Gentle and sweet and for no one else and Ezra's attention likewise was on nothing and no one other than Vin.

Buck turned Chris to face him, holding him as tight to him as he humanly could, one arm wrapped around Chris's back, the other at his waist, and he attacked Chris's mouth, needing to taste and touch as he had watched Ezra and Vin doing. Chris was as greedy as he was, leaning in, mouth open, teeth and tongue meshing perfectly with his.

Vin's voice floated into Buck's consciousness. "Was it good for you boys, too?"

He laughed, happy and relaxed, and looked at Chris who was grinning shamelessly. Yeah, they'd done good.