Interlude I

For Farad, who asked for wet Vin

Ezra stepped out onto the porch carrying two tall glasses of iced tea. Not the sweet tea he'd grown up drinking, but the plain dark tea, brewed from plain black tea bags that Vin liked to drink. That Ezra had learned to like drinking with Vin.

Across the yard, Vin was in the process of setting the last fence post for the small corral behind the cabin. Ezra had offered to help, but Vin had smiled and told him no, that he should work on the food for the barbeque the next day. He hadn't decided how he felt about inviting the rest of the team up there, but Vin was eager to show off their handiwork, so Ezra pushed aside his unease and agreed.

Today, though, they were alone, and he liked it that way. Although it was still late May, they were enjoying an advance sample of what Summer would be like -- clear and hot. Hot enough that Vin was working in a tee-shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Sweat held the shirt tight to Vin's skin, showing off the lines and movement of his muscles as he worked, picking up the last bag of concrete and pouring it into the hole around the post. Dust billowed up as Vin poured, settling on his legs, streaking as sweat dripped down.

Watching Vin work was mesmerizing, and Ezra had to consciously think about how to put down the glasses he was carrying, but he managed, then went back to his watching.

When the concrete bag was empty, Vin rolled it up and tossed it with the other empties and picked up the hose, adding water to the concrete in the hole. With the hole full, Vin turned the water on himself, and Ezra gasped. Wet, the tee-shirt was nearly transparent, and as Vin turned toward him, the sharp points of his nipples stood out against the cotton. Damn, but Vin was beautiful.

Whipping off his hat, Vin tilted his head back and held the hose to let the water sluice down through his hair. He shook his head, his hair flying loose, spraying water droplets. Vin moved the hose to his shoulders, wetting his body completely, then he let go of the hose long enough to strip the shirt off over his head.

Ezra stared, captivated by Vin's wet, shimmering skin, the cut-off shorts that rode low on Vin's hips, wet denim molding over Vin's ass. Ezra's hands gripped the porch rail while he imagined how the denim felt, nearly a second skin, damp and clinging, and he had an irrational urge to leap over the rail and run down to test if his imagination was accurate. He resisted the urge, though, simply enjoying the view before him.

Vin turned his back to Ezra and bent over, hosing off his legs, and showing off his perfect little ass. Ezra's grip on the rail tightened. Damn if the man wasn't going to be the death of him. Don't help with the fence, Vin had said, just work on the barbeque. Stay on the porch, stay clean, end up as randy as a billy-goat from watching Vin's cooling down performance.

He shifted his stance, adjusting himself, trying to scowl as Vin grinned at him, but, he was sure, failing miserably. It was hard to scowl in the face of such beauty.

As a temptation, Ezra picked up one of the glasses of tea and held it up for Vin to see. That did the trick. Vin dropped the hose and turned off the spigot, heading for the porch, his wet shirt draped around his neck. Ezra met him at the stairs, handing over the glass and demanding a kiss in return, but all he got was a quick peck before Vin upended the glass, drinking the tea, not caring as he spilled it out the side of his mouth and down his chest. When the glass was empty, Vin set it down and flipped his wet shirt over so it landed around Ezra's neck, pulling him in for a long, languid kiss.

Wet Vin against his front and water from the tee-shirt down his back had Ezra wriggling as the drips tickled his skin, and the more he moved, the tighter Vin held him. He finally gave up and held on in return, their mouths exploring, heat building until he was sure there would be a cloud of steam surrounding them.

He moved when Vin pushed him far enough away to strip off his shirt, backing toward the cushions they kept spread on the porch, grabbing Vin's hand to draw him along. His control of the situation was short-lived, though, when Vin took both of his hands and backed him to the cushions, pushing him down on them and stripping off Ezra's shorts and shoes.

Vin stood over him, that possessive grin on his face that sent a frisson of excitement through Ezra, and slowly unbuttoned the fly of his cut-offs, pushing them down his legs, and off, along with his work boots. Then he straightened up, fisted hands on his hips, his grin growing even more feral.

Ezra looked up at Vin's face, then down at the proud cock jutting from Vin's groin and moaned softly, his own cock aching with want. It was a good thing they were both southern boys, he thought hysterically, or it would be too damned hot for them to consider having sex. But they were more than considering it. Vin knelt over him, reaching for the condoms and lube. He gasped when Vin touched his cock to prepare them, hissed through clenched teeth when Vin settled over him, impaling himself on Ezra's cock.

The motion was slow and steady as Vin rode him, but Ezra needed more. He pulled Vin down and rolled them over, hooking his elbows behind Vin's knees to hold him down and spread him wide as he pounded into Vin's ass. Sweat dripped off his chin and nose onto Vin's chest, adding to the sheen of water from the hose and Vin's own sweat. Beautiful blue eyes held his as he drove into Vin's body, and he tried to let his eyes say what he could never say in words. Vin reached up and touched his cheek, then dropped his hand to his dick, stroking hard and fast until he came, his body clenching around Ezra. Half a dozen quick thrusts later and Ezra was coming, too.

Drained and exhausted, he collapsed next to Vin, still holding Vin's legs, not wanting to lose the connection between them. It wasn't comfortable, and Vin shifted, rubbing his thigh. Dammit, Ezra thought, it was too hot to stay this close. He gripped Vin's hip as he shifted to pull out, hating the feeling of no longer being attached. He lay back, not looking as Vin shifted to stretch out as well, but smiled when Vin's hand found his, interlacing their fingers.

In a little while they'd have to get up and tidy the porch for their guests tomorrow, but for the moment, he was happy to simply lie there and let the slight breeze cool his skin.