My reaction/response to Fara's lovely Reversi

It was perfect. Vin spread out on the bed beneath him, his skin flushed with arousal, glistening with sweat, muscles highlighted by the soft glow of the lamp. Ezra's long slow thrusts drew soft moans from Vin, and nothing looked better than Vin's face, his eyes tightly shut, his mouth barely open, the halo of hair on the pillow. He wanted to draw this out as long as possible, to immerse himself in the joy of Vin's body and what he could do to it.

But the moments of perfection were marred by the soft knock on the door, followed by the snick of the lock opening.

"Ezra, are you--" Chris stopped halfway through the door.

Panic turned Ezra's body to ice, his gaze torn away from the joy of Vin to the surprise clearly visible on Chris's face. He shut his eyes, wondering madly if he wished hard enough that it would all turn out to be figment of his imagination.

"What the..."

No, not his imagination. And from his tone, Chris was past surprise and on his way to anger. Maybe if he slid off the side of his bed and hid against the wall... But no, when he tried to move, Vin's legs wrapped around him and held him firmly in place.

"Shut the damn door!" Vin's voice, quiet but demanding.

He heard movement and the firm close of the door. Maybe it was safe to open his eyes. Safe, however, was not how Ezra felt when he saw Chris leaning against the door, eyes wide in disbelief.

"Ezra." Vin's gentle voice and hand on the side of his face guided him back to looking down at the man beneath him. "Don't pay him no mind. He's going to be real quiet. In fact, he's going to go sit in that rocker over by the closet."

From the corner of his eye, Ezra saw Chris do just as Vin suggested.

"And you and me," Vin continued, "are going to finish what we been doing here." He drew Ezra down into a kiss. "And it's going to be good."

Vin's touch and quiet assurance helped him focus once again on Vin and himself and their pleasure. He moved, beginning again with the slow, steady thrusts that would bring them back to where they were before... before the interruption. He shook his head, then looked down at Vin. The gentle grin filled him with warmth as he concentrated on Vin, on Vin's body, and on how good it felt, closing out anything or anyone else in the room.

"Harder," Vin whispered, "fuck me like you mean it!"

Oh, he meant it. And he was going to show Vin just how much he meant it. Hard, steady, flesh slapping against flesh, heat building, sweat dripping, Vin touching himself, grunts, moans, caresses, and then Ezra was coming, driving desperately into Vin, giving it all he had, then holding himself up on trembling arms while Vin stroked himself to completion, damn near coming again when Vin's body clenched around him.

A soft kiss and gentle guiding, and he was able to lie next to Vin, panting softly.

Another moan that was not from himself or Vin intruded on them, and he looked across the room, seeing Chris in the rocker, his legs spread as wide as the chair allowed, rubbing his jeans over his cock.

Vin turned his head to look, and chuffed out a soft laugh. "You best undo them pants, Larabee. Gonna hurt something if you don't."

Chris did, carefully working the buttons, shifting enough to free his cock and push the jeans below his balls.

"Now finish what you were doing."

Chris's eyes never left them as he pulled and touched, cupping his balls in one hand while stroking himself with the other.

Ezra knew the wanton picture he and Vin made, and he added to the scene, wiping his hand through Vin's come then licking it off his fingers.

Chris made a small choking sound, his hand moving faster and faster, and he stared, his eyes moving from Ezra to Vin and back again all the while.

"Ain't he a vision?" Vin whispered, just loud enough for Ezra to hear. Then a bit louder, he spoke to Chris. "You can come now."

Within a few seconds, Chris did, shooting hard over his hand and on his clothes, his mouth open wide in a soundless scream, pulling and squeezing himself until he was done, then slumping back in the chair, his eyes closed.

This, Ezra realized, would change things for them all. And if they were lucky, only for the better.