Come To Your Senses

Ezra tries to submit to Vin one more time. This story follows The Master's Ball

Why, why, why had he ever thought this would be a good idea? Was he out of his mind? Obviously, the answer to that was 'yes' as he stood there, stark naked within the frame, legs spread and loosely wound with straps at his ankles, arms over his head, with his hands gripping the ties that would hold them, if they were tied, that is. And the blindfold, robbing him of that most essential of his senses, his sight.

He could hear, though, the soft humming as Vin prepared his 'tools'. Not knowing which ones would be selected raised his anxiety level, and in spite of the moderate temperature of the room, he felt the sweat that prickled his armpits and scalp and trailed down his back.

The humming grew louder and the padding of naked footsteps on the matted floor grew closer. It was one of the things he had insisted on, always knowing where Vin was in the room. The other was nothing should be used that would cause marks on him. All Vin had asked for was his trust, and to be honest if he became overwhelmed by the scene.

They had no safe-word. If he wanted to stop, he would say so, and Vin would know it was true. If he was sane, he'd stop before things got started, but he was fairly sure sanity wasn't in the room with them today.

The humming was directly in front of him now, and he tensed, waiting for the first touch of whatever Vin had planned for him. He was surprised that the first thing he felt was the brush of Vin's naked body against his, and a whisper in his ear.

"You are mine, Ezra. All mine." The warm wetness of Vin's tongue touched him from ear to chin, and he wanted to turn and find Vin's mouth with his own, but it would have been against the rules, and he didn't want to be punished so early in the game.

Vin's touch left him, but the humming resumed, letting him follow Vin's position through the sound, and he was sure Vin didn't move far away.

The next thing he felt was the tip of a finger, no, a feather, that drew a line from his chin, down his neck and chest to his navel, where the touch went in small circles around and around, and he bit his lip to prevent the laughter the tickling was drawing from him. He was spared when the feather touch moved further down his body, he twitched away as it touched his belly, then gasped quietly as it slowly, agonizingly slowly, followed the length of his cock.

"So, you like that."

He did not comment on Vin's obvious statement, he felt his own arousal as his cock responded to the touch, filling and lengthening.

Now the feather touch moved down the inside of his thigh, to the back of his knee, and he twitched away again, holding back the sounds that were building in his chest, and nearly pulled his foot away when the touch continued down his calf and to the arch of his foot. He twitched his toes and shifted, trying to catch the feather with his foot.

"Naughty, naughty." Vin tapped Ezra's foot with his finger, then held it in place with his hand flat over the top. "You know you're not supposed to move."

Vin's hand and the feather went away, and the humming resumed, again not moving far away, and he wondered idly how many things Vin had brought to use on him.

This time, his wondering was answered by a touch on his hip, one he recognized easily -- the head of Vin's cock, warm, blunt, leaving the tiniest bit of moisture in its wake as Vin moved, around his hip just below his hipbone and meeting his own now fully engorged cock. He wanted to moan when Vin held both their cocks together, but did give in to the need to move, clenching his muscles just enough to create a tiny bit of thrusting in Vin's hands. He sighed when Vin let go and moved away, reassured in the expectation that before they were done, his cock, along with the rest of him, would get what it wanted.

The humming moved away from him, but was back soon enough, and this time the touch was too much. What the hell possessed Vin to use the damn, fucking peacock feathers with their wide, soft, teasing fringe? The touch started at both his hands, down the inside of his arms, then his sides, along his ribs, circling his nipples until he could take no more and jerked away, letting the laughter explode from his chest. He stopped laughing when Vin's finger touched his lips.

"Dammit, Ezra, you know what this is about, and laughing ain't it."

He did know that. He knew after the debacle that was his attempt with Charles and his continuing uncertainty as he watched Vin with Josiah that he needed to understand more about this life that Vin enjoyed. As he stood waiting, he considered whether he was allowing himself to laugh from insecurity or because the damn, stupid feathers tickled so much that he couldn't stop himself no matter how much he concentrated on Vin and the scene.

He wanted to berate Vin for using the incredibly ticklish feathers, but he didn't. Instead, he took a deep breath, nodding for Vin to go on. He was going to try to believe that it was nerves and concentrate on what they'd talked about, that to understand he needed to be able to embrace the physical sensations, to observe his own reactions and let the experience take him outside himself, relying on Vin to keep him safe.

Vin didn't touch him right away, instead, there was more humming as Vin moved around behind him, standing so close he could feel the heat from Vin's body. This time the touch was from Vin's fingers, starting at Ezra's wrists, brushing over the bindings, then down both his arms, resting for a moment on his shoulders, then the touch continued, tracing his shoulder blades and along the sides of his ribcage to his hips.

He tried to concentrate on the touch, how it felt, how it made his skin feel, but with it all, his overwhelming response was that he was being teased and tickled. He wondered for a moment if it would be more effective if the bindings were truly tied, but knew that would only have brought panic.

One hand left his hip, but he paid it little notice until the hard slap hit his ass cheek. "Hey!"

"You're not paying attention." Vin's mouth brushed his ear. "In fact, I don't think you're taking this seriously at all."

The next slap was even harder, and Ezra jerked away, but this time kept silent. Maybe Vin was right. Maybe he wasn't taking it seriously enough. Maybe if he concentrated he'd get to the right emotional place.

He wasn't given the chance to do that; the next thing he knew, Vin was unwrapping the bindings from his ankles and telling him to let go of the straps at his wrists. When he reached for the blindfold, though, he was stopped.

"No, not the blindfold. You leave that until I take it off." Vin was still close behind him, his hands back on his hips, pushing him forward gently. "You can move. I won't let you fall."

So he moved, letting Vin guide him until his foot ran into something soft on the floor.


He obeyed Vin's single word command, kneeling, discovering the something soft was a pile of blankets. He wasn't sure how this fit into the scene they'd been playing, none of this was in their initial discussion, but he trusted Vin enough to let it go on.

"You're an idiot, you know." Vin talked softly as he pushed Ezra down to lie on his back on the blankets. "This ain't for you." Vin settled over him, sitting on his thighs, their cocks touching as Vin leaned forward and held Ezra's wrists over his head. "Even this bit of restraint scares you." Vin was right, as soon as his arms were held, he tensed, his heart pounded, and it took all his determination not to pull away. "There's no reason you should try to change that, it's just how you are. And it don't matter to me." With those last words, Vin let go of Ezra's wrists and sat up. "What does matter to me is how much I want to fuck you right now."

Ezra knew there would be more for them to talk about at some future point, but this wasn't that moment. "I was counting on that being part of our activities today." He grinned as Vin shifted between his legs, sighed as Vin pressed his fingers into Ezra's ass, discovering that Ezra had prepared himself for this. He waited impatiently while Vin tore the packet and rolled on his condom, then moaned, long and low as Vin pressed into his body.

"Touch yourself," Vin whispered, and Ezra obeyed, stroking himself to full hardness. It felt so good, the heat and pressure of being filled, the pulse of blood in his body and his cock, the touch of Vin's mouth as he lay over Ezra, thrusting slow and steady. He returned Vin's kiss eagerly and spread his legs as wide as he could, as close to begging as he could come.

What he hadn't counted on was the look on Vin's face when his blindfold was removed. Soft and happy and at the same time filled with lust, and it was enough that Ezra nearly came just from seeing it, and Vin's deep, throaty chuckle wasn't any easier to withstand. Still, he managed, not that he was sure how, and let himself go with the touch and thrust, skin against skin, sweat slick and hot with the friction of their bodies.

He was close, knew Vin was, too, when he leaned up to drive even deeper into Ezra's body, panting, dripping sweat, moving faster and harder until that moment, trembling, his breath catching, he thrust one last time, slamming against Ezra as his body spasmed, and Ezra grabbed Vin's ass, holding him tight against him, feeling every bit as Vin came. He was so close himself, that when Vin touched him it was all it took to bring him over, and he exploded, shooting over Vin's hand, on their chests, and it felt so good he couldn't stop the laugh that erupted from his chest.

Ezra slid his hand to the back of Vin's head, pulling him in for a hard kiss, seeking with his tongue, doing his best to join every part of their bodies, holding tight as Vin collapsed against him.

Their sex was always good, and as muzzy as his brain was in the aftermath, Ezra knew they didn't need to share more than this. He also knew there would come a time for them to talk more, but this was not it. For now, he could believe what Vin told him, that what they did was enough, and as he held Vin, touching him, letting his fingers slide over warm skin and firm muscle, it really did seem to be so.