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Note: This takes place during the second season episode Studies in Light.

He walked into the warehouse cautiously. The door was open, but it didn't look like anyone was there. He wasn't even sure why he'd come, but Gregor had called and insisted he wanted to apologize for what he'd done the last time and for getting him in trouble with Mac over dumping that bike and getting hurt. He was curious to see what Gregor was up to, since an apology didn't seem to be his style.

"Hey Greg!" he called out. "You here?" Richie walked farther into the converted warehouse that was Gregor's studio. "Anybody at all here?" He was starting to be a little uneasy, but he kept on walking until he was standing in the middle of the building. He jumped as he heard a motorcycle start up. Damn! Suckered again! By the sound he knew that the bike was between him and the door. No way out.

As the rider came out of the shadows, Richie dodged and ran, trying to keep anything he could find between himself and the madman. He was scared that this time Gregor might succeed in seriously hurting him, and enraged at both the other man and himself. Finally, no matter how hard he tried to avoid it, the rider closed in. In his panic, Richie tripped over a box on the floor and found himself flat on his back. The front tire of the bike was rolled closer until it came to rest, just touching his ribs.

The rider turned off the engine and removed his helmet. As he suspected, it was Gregor. "So, kid, how did it feel?" he asked, grinning. He reached back with his left foot and flipped down the kick stand and leaned the bike on it. Shifting the helmet to his right hand, he reached for his crotch with his left and began rubbing his already obvious erection. "Was it as exciting the second time as it was the first?" Richie couldn't believe the man was doing this to him again and what's more, that he had fallen for the ploy. His eyes widened as he watched Gregor stroke himself. So the guy got off on other people's fear. Pretty weird.

His fury took over and, looking around, he saw a wrench lying on the floor not far from his hand. In one movement, he grabbed the wrench and rolled to his feet, swinging hard at the immortal's head. He heard the tool connect with a satisfying thud and watched as Gregor crumpled into a heap at the side of the motorcycle.

Richie wondered, as he picked up the unconscious man, just how Gregor would like a taste of his own medicine. As he worked, he smiled to himself, feeling only a slight bit of guilt over what he had in mind. The ideal revenge had come to him in a flash as he had watched Gregor sitting on the bike rubbing his hand against the bulge in his jeans. It took him a few minutes to find exactly what he needed, but by the time he did, he was very pleased with his handiwork. He brushed his hands off on his jeans, took one last look at what he had done, then nodded and smiled to himself.

"Yup, that'll do very nicely." He walked over and tilted up the still oblivious head. "Wait right here, Greg. I'll be back in a little while. Got a few things to get." Certain that the immortal wouldn't be able to work out of his bonds, Richie left to get what he needed to complete his plan.

It had taken longer than he had expected to collect all the items he wanted and by the time he got back to the warehouse the immortal was awake.

"Well, Greg, nice of you to join me. Do you like the arrangements?" The immortal pulled at the ropes that ran from his wrists to some eyebolts in a large beam overhead. He'd managed to get to his feet, but with the ropes tied the way Richie had left him, his arms were outstretched at shoulder height. His shirt and shoes had been removed, but he still had his jeans on.

"So, Richie, what did you have in mind?" The immortal looked around the warehouse. "You by yourself, or did you bring MacLeod with you?" He pulled on the ropes again. "Daddy MacLeod wouldn't approve of this." He looked back at Richie with a slightly bemused expression, fully aware of the reaction his teasing would have.

"This is between you and me, you creep. You're the one that gets off on this kind of stuff. You enjoying yourself now?"

Gregor shifted his hips, showing off the already noticeable bulge in the man's jeans. "What do you think? Question is, what are you going to do about it?" He continued to shift his hips, rubbing himself against his jeans. "Looks to me like you're enjoying this, too," he said, looking pointedly at Richie's crotch.

"Maybe," Richie admitted, rubbing his hand idly over his own burgeoning erection, "but only one of us is going to have any real fun tonight." He got up and walked over to the immortal. "Let's see what you've got in there." He undid the man's jeans and slid them down to his ankles and left them there, effectively binding his feet together. Gregor's erection stood out from a mass of black curls. "Not bad. Not bad at all." Richie nodded approvingly. "Do blue balls hurt you guys as much as they do for us mortals?"

"You sure you can do this, kid? This is a pretty rough game you're playing." Gregor watched as Richie stood back and looked at him. "I don't think you've got the stomach for it," he taunted.

"You wait and see." Richie walked to the warehouse door, making sure it was securely closed and locked. "We wouldn't want any interruptions, would we?" he said as he walked back to where Gregor was tied. Looking around, he saw some large cushions which he pulled over to the floor about 10 feet in front of the bound immortal. Stripping off his sweatshirt and jeans, he lounged naked on the cushions, his own erection throbbing under his hand.

"So, Greg, you like to watch? Or do you only get off on other people's fear?" He began stroking himself as he taunted the immortal, settling into a rhythm that he knew would bring himself to orgasm quickly. He grinned at the lust he saw on the other man's face. "Keep watching, Greg. This feels great." His hand moved steadily. "You want some of this? I could do you next." He threw his head back and gritted his teeth as he came in his hand, then opened his eyes to lock his gaze with the immortal. "You want some?" he asked quietly.

Gregor licked his lips and his breathing had quickened. "Maybe you are up to this game, kid. Come on. Come over here. Take the feel of an immortal cock in your hand." Richie laughed, but got up and walked over to Gregor. He reached his hand toward the hard shaft and heard a quick intake of breath as he came close to touching it. He pulled his hand away with a shake of his head and a harsh laugh.

"Sorry, Greg. You get to wait." Richie went to the bag he'd brought in with him. "I do have some toys we can play with, though." He started pulling things out of the bag. "Which one looks like fun to you?" He held up a bandanna. "This one? It could be a gag or blindfold, depending on how you behave." He held up a leather belt. "This one? Better be good." He held up a small leather loop. "Recognize this?" Gregor's eyes widened as he saw what Richie was holding. "Oh, I guess you do." He held up a jar of Vaseline. "This could come in handy later. What do you think?" He held up a short riding whip. "This one? Don't think I need to explain this one." He walked up to the immortal's face. "You worried yet, Greg? Huh? How does it feel? You like being on the other side of the game?"

The immortal smiled at him. "You act tough, kid, but I don't really think you've got what it takes to do this. You've been hanging around MacLeod too long. You know he wouldn't like this. He's too much of a goody-goody." Gregor leered at Richie. "Are you a good boy for MacLeod?"

That was enough for Richie. He turned and went back to the supplies he'd brought and picked up the bandanna. "I think that's enough out of you." He forced the fabric between the immortal's teeth and tied it tightly behind his head. "That should keep you quiet." He went back to the supplies once more. "Hmmm. Wonder what we should start with." He looked up at Gregor. "What do you think?"

He thought for a moment, then picked up the belt. "You're the one always asking how it feels to die. Maybe we'll give you a little taste of that." He stepped behind Gregor and looped the belt around the man's neck, pulling it tight as if it were a collar and leash. As it bit slightly into the flesh, the immortal turned his head and looked at Richie, his eyes dark slits of daring. The young man loosened the belt. "Nope. Looks like you'd like that too much. Can't have you enjoying yourself." He left the belt looped around Gregor's neck, the length of it hanging against the man's back. "We'll leave that there for now."

Going back once more to his bag of toys, Richie picked out the small leather loop. "What do you say we put this on you?" he asked Gregor. "It would be such a shame if you couldn't stay ready till the end of the game." The immortal showed a little fear as Richie moved to him. "Hold still now. I wouldn't want to hurt you." He reached down and slid the leather cock ring over Gregor's erection. When it was properly in place, he made sure it was just snug enough. "You like that, Greg? How does it feel?"

He stood back, put his fists on his hips, and grinned at the immortal. "You're quite a picture, Greg. Tied up, gagged and that hard-on. It's perfect. And with the ring, well, now you can last the night." Richie went back to the cushions and sat down again. "And you're right. There is something exciting about this." He picked up the whip and began fondling it, watching the reaction on Gregor's face as he did. The man's eyes widened and his gaze never left Richie's hands.

Richie contemplated what he was going to do next. He knew he didn't have it in him to really use the whip on the immortal, but he still had his anger at the way he'd been used. The rush he was getting from having Gregor at his mercy was powerful. It would carry him through the rest of what he had in mind. Already he felt the faint stirrings of renewed arousal. He could almost understand the immortal's motivation now, but that did nothing to assuage the desire for vengeance.

Gregor watched as Richie stood up, the whip in his right hand, striking it gently into his left. Small beads of sweat were starting to form on the immortal's brow. He was no longer so sure that the boy wouldn't carry through on the game he had started. As Richie got close to Gregor, he reversed the whip in his hand and ran the butt end of it along the man's jaw line. He smiled as the head was tilted away from the touch of the leather.

"C'mon, Greg. Isn't this as much fun for you as it is for me?" He ran the whip along the man's throat. "Good thing it's not a sword, huh?" He raised the whip and brought it quickly back to the immortal's neck, mimicking the action of a blade. "No, no beheadings. That would be too easy." He ran the butt of the whip along the man's shoulder, then down his chest, running it roughly across each nipple in turn. Gregor tried to move away from Richie's attentions, but the younger man moved with him, following the immortal with the whip.

"Won't be that easy, Greg. There's nowhere for you to go." He continued moving the whip down on the immortal's body until he got to the man's erection. Turning the whip in his hand, he ran the soft leather popper along the underside of the cock and then the upper side as well. Gregor squirmed and twisted trying to get away from the whip. Richie only chuckled deeply in his throat and continued caressing the hardness with the leather, occasionally lifting the whip and letting it fall naturally against the hot flesh. A moan from the immortal finally broke Richie's fascination with that part of his game. He looked at the man's face and saw the sheen of sweat on the skin and the fear in the eyes.

This power over Gregor was intoxicating, and he felt an ache in his groin as he let himself respond to the excitement. He rubbed the whip over the man's cock one last time, then walked around behind him, trailing the whip across Gregor's torso as he did. Grabbing the belt that was still around the neck, Richie jerked it tight, pulling Gregor's head back. "Now's when it starts to get interesting," he whispered into the man's ear. He let go of the belt and allowed it to loosen a bit.

He started caressing the immortal's back with the whip, slowly gliding it down to the man's buttocks. When he got to the cheeks, he ran the butt of the whip over them, then slid it into the crevice between them, exploring slowly. He heard a small whimper from Gregor. "You not up to this, Greg? I thought you wanted to know how things felt." He continued moving the whip, gently probing between the firm muscles.

"Oh, I know. You're right. How could I have been so thoughtless? I almost forgot." Richie went quickly back to where he'd left the jar of Vaseline. "We need this. You know, I thought about using motor oil, but I didn't think even you deserved that." Gregor was staring at him with eyes wide and dark with fear. His gaze moved from the jar in Richie's hand to the young man's crotch. Richie let his eyes follow Gregor's, looking at his own throbbing erection. He stroked it gently with his free hand. "I never knew how much fun this could be." He looked at the immortal's face. "You having fun, Greg?" He walked up to the helpless man, putting his own face inches from Gregor's. "This is the most fun I've had in a long time," he whispered hoarsely. He opened the jar as he moved behind the now straining figure once again. Putting a liberal amount of gel on the whip, he again probed the man's ass.

"Spread your legs a little, Greg, it'll make this easier." He waited, but the immortal didn't move. Richie raised the whip one time and brought it down hard across the cheeks. "I said, spread your legs." Gregor shifted his feet, following Richie's command. "That's better." He moved the whip back to continue its exploration, and as he did, he saw the welt he had raised on the other man.

The mastery he felt over the immortal only added to the ache in his cock, and he didn't know how much longer the game could go on before he had to do something about that ache. He turned his attention back to the whip and his exploration of the immortal's ass. He pressed the butt of the whip slowly against the puckered opening, finally breaching it. Gregor groaned through the gag in his mouth. Leaning close to his ear, Richie crooned, "If you relax, this won't hurt as much." He moved the whip slowly, letting the immortal get accustomed to the invader in his body. Gregor's head was thrown back with the combination of pleasure and pain. Finally, Richie knew he couldn't wait any longer. He pulled the whip out and tossed it aside, then picked up the Vaseline and spread more of it between Gregor's cheeks and on his own cock.

Moving close behind the immortal, Richie positioned his erection, then entered the other man in one swift, hard thrust. He heard Gregor's muffled cry at the shock and pain of the intrusion, and grinned. "How does it feel now, Greg? Not so sure of yourself, are you." Putting his hands on the man's hips, he began thrusting slowly against the firm buttocks. Gregor was tight and hot around him, and he let the sensations guide him. Soon he was rocking steadily into the other man, long smooth strokes that let the taut opening caress and squeeze the length of his aching shaft. As he thrust, he heard a quiet moan, and realized he was making that noise. He closed his eyes and just felt.

The squeeze of the muscle around him, the smell of the other man's fear, and the release of his own anger. It was exhilarating. He began moving faster, his breathing turning ragged as he approached his climax. Finally, he could wait no longer and he exploded into the other man, pressing harder with each wave of his orgasm. When it was over, he was still for a moment, then withdrew from the immortal's body. He walked around the man, picking up Gregor's shirt as he did. Using that to clean himself, he looked at the man's face, seeing eyes wide with shock and fear. "So, Greg. How did it feel?" he asked quietly.

Richie noticed his own body was trembling. He picked up his sweatshirt and pulled it over his head, then put on his jeans, socks and shoes. He sat on the cushions for a moment thinking what he was going to do next. He couldn't leave Gregor tied up, but didn't want to take the risk of simply turning him loose. While he considered his dilemma, he gathered the things he'd brought with him back into the bag. Knowing there was only one thing he could do, he approached the immortal. Gregor's eyes still showed pain and fear.

"I'm really sorry for what I'm going to do now, but I don't think I've got a choice." If anything, the fear in the immortal's eyes increased. Once more, Richie stepped behind Gregor and pulled the belt tight around the neck and held it. As his breathing was cut off, the man tried to struggle, but was still immobilized by his bonds. Richie held the belt tight until Gregor was unconscious, then let go. He didn't want to hurt him, just wanted to let him loose and get himself out of the warehouse safely.

When he was sure the immortal was out, he untied the ropes that held him, then dragged him over to the cushions and lay him down. The gag and belt were removed and stowed in the bag. With a little smile, Richie arranged Gregor into a comfortable position, leaving the cock ring in place and draping the man's hand over his still erect shaft. As he let himself out of the warehouse, he looked back over his shoulder at the immortal. "See you around, Greg."