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Waking with the sunrise, Methos yawned and stretched. They had gone to bed early last night and he felt well-rested, even at this hour. Abstinence the night before had only made him hungrier this morning. Moving closer to his sleeping companion, he slid one arm around the warm body. His searching hand found and squeezed the as-yet unresponsive cock.

Placing a quick kiss on the muscular shoulder next to him, he pressed up behind the still figure and began rubbing the satiny skin. Under his practiced touch, the soft organ began to swell and harden. Taking his time and moving slowly he allowed his fingers to rub enticingly along the growing length before he grasped it firmly in his hand and began to stroke the hardening flesh.

In a few seconds his sleeping companion began to respond. As the pleasure drew his lover toward wakefulness the warm hips began thrusting against his hand, responding to the familiar touch. A murmured sound of pleasure reached his ears and he stretched up to drop a lingering kiss behind one ear.

"Awake yet?" He nibbled the soft skin of his partner's neck. The stroking fingers teased lightly along the flesh, gradually increasing the pressure until the hardening organ filled his hand. He squeezed firmly and his own erection throbbed in anticipation.

"Hmmm, yes," the answer was quiet but pleased and the body next to his continued to push against his teasing fingers. Morning sex is the best, thought Methos as he continued the sweet assault on his lover's body.

Methos laughed softly and said, "What would you like for breakfast?" Changing his grip he allowed the hard cock to slip into the palm of his hand where he squeezed it gently. "I know what I'm hungry for."

"I noticed. Can you guess what I want?"

"I can guess." Sliding down, Methos pulled the responsive body around to face him and let his lips close around the hard cock.

Above him the other man sighed with pleasure as the skillful tongue began to stroke the sensitive tip. "Oh yes, that's good. Just like that."

Methos continued sucking gently, occasionally letting his tongue swirl enticingly around the taut balls, causing involuntary spasms of pleasure to ripple through the body beneath him. His partner was fully awake now and his squirming hips under Methos' hands warned him that he was ready for much more. With a last reluctant kiss he let the delicious mouthful slip free and slid up the firm body, leaving a trail of soft, wet kisses in his wake. When he got to the puckered nipples, he teased each with a kiss and a tweak before moving on to another, longer kiss against the willing mouth. The caress was slow and gentle, neither in a hurry now to bring their lovemaking to an end. Strong fingers wound themselves in Methos' tangled hair, making it very clear how much the other man was enjoying the kiss.

"You stopped what you were doing and it felt so good." The voice sounded slightly sulky but Methos wasn't fooled. It was their habit to play at climax several times before succumbing to the inevitable.

"I want more. You fell asleep too soon last night." Methos smiled into the soft lips pressed against his.

What do you want?" An exploring hand trailed around Methos' hips and slid enticingly between the firm cheeks. "Did you want this? I'm sorry I disappointed you last night. Let me make it up to you now."

Firm hands pushed Methos onto his back and he waited impatiently until the warm, wet mouth closed around his own throbbing cock. The experienced tongue knew all of the most sensitive places and just how much he could take. As the gentle mouth drew him close to the edge, he reached down and tangled his fingers in the soft hair. "Don't stop yet."

"Ah, but you stopped. I think turnabout is fair play, don't you?"

To his disappointment the warm wetness disappeared. The lips were quickly replaced by a firm hand. As the familiar rhythm resumed, Methos felt the hard body of his lover sliding up next to him. Opening his eyes he smiled into the passion-fogged gaze and drew the other man's head down to meet his own. The stroking hand squeezed hard unexpectedly and he gasped. As his lips parted his lover leaned in close and slid his tongue into Methos' mouth, claiming a deep, passionate kiss that left them both breathless.

"Are you ready for your breakfast?" The satisfying grip on his cock disappeared and the firm hand closed on his hip, pushing him over on his side.

Methos was more than ready. Pulling his knees up, he shifted, anticipating what he knew was coming. In a few seconds one slick finger slid between the soft flesh and tested the puckered opening exposed. Methos shuddered as his defenses were breached and the invader slid inside him. He could feel the warm oil being rubbed against him, preparing him for the next invader. Shoving back against the slick hand, Methos wriggled invitingly, impatient to feel the other man inside of him.

A soft chuckle answered him and the finger was replaced by the pressure of a swollen cock. Teasingly the organ was rubbed against his hot flesh for a few seconds before gentle hands braced his hips against the pressure of the firm thrusts. Moaning, Methos shoved back against the hands, needing this pleasure that few others had been able to give him.

As the two men moved, the engorged cock was finally buried inside of Methos. His lover paused for a moment to savor the pleasure. Reaching around Methos, he grasped the other Immortal's throbbing organ in one slick hand.

Methos pressed back against the hard cock filling him then thrust against the firm hand. As he rocked between the two exquisite pleasures, he felt his climax building. Whimpering he began to move more quickly, his shuddering response matched by the actions of the man inside of him. The sharp cry came close to his ear as his lover's body shuddered with release, pumping his heat deep inside of him. Feeling the other's loss of control pushed Methos over the edge as well. The stroking fingers tightened around his throbbing cock, milking his climax until it spilled over the firm hand.

Sighing, the two men collapsed together against the rumpled sheets. Methos smiled in sleepy satisfaction as his lover's arms tightened around his waist. The face that nuzzled into his neck with a gentle sigh echoed his own happiness.

Checking the clock he decided to get some more sleep. They only had five hours before lunch.