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Slipping into the hot waters of the hidden mineral spring, Methos let his body relax as he felt the warmth soak into his bones. When the path of their raiding had led the two Immortals and their camp to this valley, he had discovered the cave. Immortals had no use for the healing power of the mineral spring, but he enjoyed soaking in the steaming waters.

Eventually a familiar sensation in his head alerted him to the presence of another Immortal. Methos opened his eyes expecting to see his traveling companion with some complaint about the campsite. Through the steam he watched the blurred figure approach. By the time he saw the sword in the other man's hand, it was too late.

Lunging half out of the water, Methos grabbed the sword he had dropped carelessly a few feet away and started to climb to his feet. A heavy foot stamped down, trapping the blade and his hand against the rock floor. Another foot connected with his ribs, pushing him off balance and onto his back. His body tensed in expectation of the blow he could already imagine against his unprotected throat. Above him, the blade caught a flash of light in its descent. He was surprised when the sharp edge halted a bare inch from his neck.

Peering through the billowing steam he saw a pair of cold blue eyes watching him. As he waited, the gaze traveled down his outstretched body, lingered, then returned to his face. When the other man spoke, his voice was mocking.

"You should be more careful, my friend. This country is full of raiders and thieves."

"Like yourself?"

The blade above his throat descended the final inch and the cold metal caressed his skin.

"Do you think I am a thief, then?" The voice taunted him from beyond the steam. "Shall I steal your head?"

"Actually," Methos ground his teeth and forced his voice to remain calm. "I rather like it where it is."

"Do you? Then perhaps you should learn some courtesy. A man in your ... vulnerable position ... needs as many friends as he can find."

The newcomer shifted his feet and knelt, taking care to keep his sword in place. He pulled the sword from Methos' hand and tossed it out of reach. Then he stopped to run his eyes possessively over the man lying next to him.

After a moment he ran his hand down the steam-slicked chest, lingering between Methos' legs to stroke the damp skin.

Gritting his teeth, Methos was determined to resist the invitation. It was useless. The searching fingers knew exactly what to do, rubbing against the sensitive nerves and wringing an unwilling moan of pleasure from him. In spite of the sword, Methos found his attention centering on the teasing hand, willing it to linger in one place or another. As if by magic, it obeyed his unspoken commands, stroking him until he was hard and aching.

"I am Kronos. The choice is yours. Shall we be friends, or would you prefer to lose your head?"

Methos licked his lips and tried to think, unwilling to concede defeat no matter how much his body was enjoying the attentions. As he hesitated, the other man's eyes narrowed and the sharp blade suddenly bit slightly into the skin of his neck.


Methos froze. "If those are my choices, then friendship. I am Methos," he gasped.

For a long moment Kronos hesitated before he removed the blade. Leaning down, he licked gently at the bloodstained skin, caressing the cut even as it healed beneath his tongue. The familiar combination of pain and pleasure sent a shiver of desire through him. When the other man finally captured his mouth in a hungry kiss, he was more than willing.

Methos was also ready when the unusual attacker tossed aside his sword. Bracing himself against the floor, Methos shoved the other man off-balance.

Kronos swore as he landed heavily. Methos knocked him onto his back and rolled over to pin him against the floor.

"I don't make friends that easily," he said tauntingly, glaring down into the furious eyes.

In his rush to prevent Kronos from reaching his abandoned sword, Methos had not considered what his next move would be. Now, even with the other man's body trapped securely under his, he realized that he was still vulnerable. These thoughts flashed through his mind in a second. Looking down at Kronos' face, he saw the same invitation in the blue eyes. Under his hips he felt the other man's erection pressing invitingly against his own. The safe choice was obvious.

Slowly he let his full weight rest against Kronos' body. Bending his head down, he captured the other man's mouth with his own in a bruising kiss. After a second the stiff lips parted eagerly to accept his probing tongue.

Rough fabric scraped against his skin as Kronos pushed his hips against him. Seeing the desire reflected on the other man's face, Methos made a decision.

He moved a few inches away from Kronos' body and began pulling at the interfering cloth until the body beneath him was as bare as his own. Kronos reacted to the impatient handling with a shiver of pleasure, pushing his hips against the careless hands eagerly. Closing one firm hand around Kronos' swollen cock, Methos began squeezing the sensitive flesh and stroking him roughly. A gasp of pleasure told him he had judged the other's desires well.

Bending his head he placed a hard kiss against the panting lips, sucking the sweat from the surrounding skin. Letting his mouth travel down to the now-vulnerable throat he nipped sharply at the sensitive skin, feeling the shudder of reaction in the captive body. Nips turned into more demanding, painful pressure and Kronos felt the teeth sinking into the tender flesh between his neck and shoulder. His reaction was instantaneous and Methos gasped as the man beneath him bucked up, grinding their hips and cocks together. For a few seconds he toyed with the idea of giving the other man what he so obviously wanted but something inside him still refused to give in so easily.

On the other hand, he was more than ready to accept Kronos' offer. Rolling over on his back he pulled his willing victim after him and shoved the man's head toward his erection. When the hot, wet mouth closed around him, he groaned in satisfaction.

Sucking and nibbling gently, Kronos worked his mouth around the swollen erection. Wrapping both hands in the tangled hair, Methos began pushing against the probing tongue, using his grip to prevent the other man from pulling back from the hard thrusts. After a second he heard the hungry moan deep in the other man's throat. Kronos grabbed the squirming body and sucked harder.

A few seconds of this treatment was all Methos could take before the pleasure building inside him threatened to spill over. Reluctantly he forced himself to wait, using his grip on the other man's head to stop the sucking that was pulling him too close to the edge.

"You know you want it, why did you stop me?" Kronos demanded. Reaching out, he tried to capture Methos' erection again, obviously intending to finish what they had started.

Pulling one hand free from the tangled hair Methos landed a heavy blow against Kronos' face. "I can take what I want without any help from you, my *friend*."

Pulling Kronos up next to him he forced him over on his side, facing the other way. Wrapping one arm around the vulnerable throat, he pulled Kronos' head back and whispered, "Surely that wasn't what you wanted." He kissed the stiff neck, breathing in the heavy, musky odor of desire.

The only answer was silence. Reaching around, Methos stroked Kronos roughly and felt the same eager response. Kronos began gasping against the bruising pressure of the arm against his throat, arching his back and forcing himself harder against the rough hand.

After a few seconds he pulled his hand away. Leaning close to Kronos' ear, he whispered again, "Tell me. Is this what you were looking for?" Once more he bit the stubborn shoulder next to him hard enough to draw blood, trying to force a response.

Pushing his own bursting erection between the firm cheeks spread invitingly in front of him, Methos rubbed himself against the sweat-slicked skin. The motion produced a blissful reaction that spread through his entire body.

"Say it," he panted. "If you want it, you're going to have to ask for it." The feel of the hot flesh around him was so close to what he wanted that he began to lose control, savoring the waves of pleasure each movement brought. Forgetting the man next to him, he began moving faster.

"Damn you, Methos!" He heard Kronos' voice through the blood pounding in his ears. "Do it!"

Methos pulled back slightly and slid one wet finger in to press against the tight muscles. Carefully he slipped it inside and began rubbing and stretching it slowly. The feel of Kronos pushing eagerly against him excited him even more. Pulling away, he replaced his hand with the swollen head of his cock.

Kronos swore at the pain but Methos ignored his protest. Pushing harder he forced himself into the tight channel, reveling in the helpless trembling of the body under him. Forcing his supposed attacker to submit to this violation was incredibly arousing.

Pulling back, he waited for the trembling to ease slightly before thrusting against the yielding flesh again, burying himself deeply. Kronos cried out once more and Methos pulled back, waiting for the other man's reaction to subside before he repeated the movement.

Kronos moaned and his body responded, pushing back to help Methos into him. Methos had been waiting for this signal. Releasing his own control he let his lust grow, abandoning all signs of restraint. He didn't notice when the other man grabbed his own erection and began stroking it, whimpering Methos' name. A few seconds later, both men came violently, Kronos fighting for breath against the arm still locked around his throat.

As the waves of pleasure ebbed, Kronos' collapsed against the rocks and Methos let his own weight fall against him. Reaching down to where Kronos was still touching himself, he wrapped his hand around the other man's and whispered, "I wanted you to wait."

"Wait? For what?" Kronos asked, his breath slowing to normal.

Methos nibbled on the available earlobe. "For me to touch you. You're always in such a hurry."

Kronos laughed softly. "That's your fault. You shouldn't get me so excited."

"Even so, my friend," Methos answered, "You're going to have to learn a little more self-control."

Even from where his head rested, Methos could see the edge of the eager grin that split Kronos' face.


Slipping his fingers under Kronos' hand, Methos rubbed gently at the still-firm erection. A small sound of pleasure rewarded his efforts.

"You're never tired of playing these games, are you Kronos?" he asked curiously.

"Not as long as you're this good at them, my brother," was the response. "You're one of a kind."