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SAME SEX means sexual activity between two adults of the same gender. If you don't want to read things like that, leave this page now.

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About the Smut Grrrls

The Smut Grrrls (Ashlyn, Meghan and Anne) are three women who, to all outward appearances, are fairly normal. We have found a source of enjoyment in channeling the lives and loves of some fairly horny and lusty immortals (and occasionally other characters) from the Highlander universe. We write what they tell us, and we hope you enjoy the stories they have told us so far.

The Stories

SGS#1: SUMMER SOLSTICE, 1069BC (03/97)
The adventures of Methos and Kronos during the time of the Four Horsemen

The adventures of Richie and Gregor during Studies in Light

The adventures of Methos and a friend

SGS#4: HOT SPRING (05/97)
The adventures of Methos in the Bronze Age

Three versions of the adventures of Richie and Methos after the episode Chivalry
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SGS#6: LET'S MAKE A DEAL (10/97)
The adventures of Duncan and Methos and a domestic situation

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